it’s a . . . BABY!

Five short weeks ago we found out that our prayers had finally been answered and we are EXPECTING! Even though we had been trying for what seems like a short amount of time to everyone else, it felt like forever to me. When we found out, I honestly couldn’t believe it was true! I wanted to act out the scene from Knocked Up and take twenty tests just to be sure… good thing we stocked up before…

Dollar Tree Pregnancy Tests


The (somewhat) quick story of some background, how I found out and how I announced it to Erin…

Without getting into gross details, I’m a very predictable lady. Every month I would SWEAR I was pregnant and take a couple pregnancy tests only to get to my normal cycle time and find out I was wrong. It was soul crushing every time I realized I wasn’t pregnant. Even though everyone said I needed to calm down and chill out and it will happen naturally, I didn’t. I would pretend like I was being “cool” about it but inside I felt so angry. Finally after a couple months of trying to track cycles naturally and other crazy advice I found online, I broke down and bought an ovulation test. I missed my window of opportunity that month but the next month, as soon as we saw that smiley face, we took advantage of the sign. Of course, I took a pregnancy test as quickly as I could (a week or so before) to see if it worked.


A couple days later…


I figured… maybe it’s just not my time. When I didn’t start, I thought it was weird but I had been super busy at work and thought maybe stress caused it to be delayed by a day. I took the test into the bedroom to wait the infamous 3 minutes and decided to lay back down in bed. I turned over to see my eminent negative test and saw a faint line. I thought, no freaking way. My heart sank into my stomach and I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to get too excited because maybe I was wrong. I sat straight up in the bed in shock. My mind was racing and still at the same time. Just then, Erin walked out of the shower. I joked with Erin before that when I finally got my BFP, I would do a “tada” motion with my hands. He came over to me and asked if everyone was okay because I looked like someone had died. I looked up to him and said in the shakiest voice ever… “I think I’m…” *tada hands*. Erin’s eyes filled up with tears and replied with the screechiest, “REALLY?” We sat there for a minute overjoyed and excited. We had to hurry up and rush off to work but spent our entire ride to work finding out everything about our little 4 week old baby.

It's a Baby!


proud future parents

proud future parents at 4 weeks


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