Seeing the Baby: Details about 8 Week Checkup + Week 10 Update

I really wanted to wait until we saw the baby to start updating on our progress so this will be my first “official” week posting on here. I’m really struggling with taking photos of myself since I have been feeling a little icky lately. The baby has certainly stolen whatever beauty I had and left me with a very tired, homely looking version of my former self. So I apologize for advance for the lack of photos. I will probably post 1000 once I get a cute little bump.

Speaking of bumps, ours caused quite a stir last weekend at a friend’s wedding. We decided to pop into the photo booth for fun little shots. Erin had the BRILLIANT idea of kissing my stomach. I told him not to do it since I knew a copy would go in the book for the bride and groom (and obviously we haven’t announced anything) but the fun thing with Erin is that if you tell him no, he’ll do it anyway. Well it was done and I thought oh well, the couple is going on a long honeymoon so by the time they return, we will announce the baby and all will be right with the world. Wrong. So late into the reception, I look up at the big screen and notice they are showing photos from the photo booth. I thought maybe they wouldn’t end up showing ours but there it was… immediately my heart dropped into my stomach and my face turned bright red. Luckily no one asked me if I was pregnant but they did ask Erin! He’s a terrible liar so I’m guessing the cat is out of the bag.




Aside from all that… I’m totally excited that we got to see the baby a couple weeks ago. I’ll never forget the moment we heard the heart beat. I wish I would have recorded it because I want to hear it all the time. The baby measured in at 3/4 inch. It was so exciting to see it’s little heart pitter patter on the screen.

Seeing the heartbeat for the first time


How far along: 10 weeks

Baby is the size of a: prune!

Symptoms: Morning/Evening sickness (no puking though!), extreme fatigue, sore boobies, extreme mood swings (sorry Erin), terrible skin

Total weight gain: -2 lbs (doctor insists this is normal)

Maternity clothes: Normal clothes. I’m super uncomfortable with any pooch so I’m trying to limit tight fitting shirts and wearing lots of blazers, jackets and sweaters.

Stretch marks: None yet. Slathering coco butter and shea butter all over my body. *fingers crossed that it works*

Sleep: Terrible but it’s always been that way.

Best moment of this week: Still on a high from seeing the baby two weeks ago but telling our parents and close friends was pretty amazing!

Miss anything: Being energetic, Go Girl energy drinks, Clear complexion

Movement: Nothing yet.

Food cravings: Nope. I had crazy craving pre-pregnancy so it’s hard to determine if it’s a true pregnancy craving or not.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Basically everything… Toast, Chicken Enchiladas, Any and every smell.

Have you started to show yet: A little puffy but not a definite bump.

Gender: No clue.

Labor signs: Hope not. 🙂

Belly button in or out: Def in.

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Moody.

Looking forward to: Doing some fun gender reveal tests in the next couple weeks and announcing it to everyone!


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