Gender Prediction Tests – 13 At-Home Tests

So we just hit 12 weeks and we’re so excited! At our 8 week appointment, our doctor told us there was a possibility we could find out what we were having during the next visit… and our next visit is later today!! Now if you’re anything like me, you hate surprises and want to know everything like yesterday so this whole waiting to find out the gender situation feels like a lifetime. So to pass the time, we’ve been doing at-home gender prediction tests. Most of them are just silly Old Wives Tales. I’ve listed 13 below plus our results!!

#1: History of Parent’s Kids

So the story goes that that you can find out the sex of the baby by going off your parent’s kids in order. Since I’m first born, the sex would be determined by the next born. Both of us have younger brothers so by that, we would be having a boy!

Prediction: BOY

#2 Moodiness

If you are super grouchy through the pregnancy, you are probably having a girl as you have an increase of hormones. If you’re happier, it’s a boy. Since I’ve been a raging ball of emotions and anger, I’m going to guess a girl.

Prediction: GIRL

#3 Chinese Gender Prediction

The Chinese Gender Prediction Chart is supposed to be super accurate (like 90%). It’s based on how old the mother is at conception and month conceived. There is a bunch of places online to find the chart. I used this one – Chinese Gender Prediction Test.

Prediction: BOY

#4 Sleeping Styles

If a woman sleeps on her left side, she’s probably having a boy. If the right side is more comfortable, it’s a girl. For me, I’ve been tossing and turning trying to find a good spot but I noticed last night I favored the right side.

Prediction: GIRL

#5 Daddy Weight Gain

The Old Wives tale goes if the dad-to-be gains weight, it’s a girl. If he remains the same, it’s a boy. I checked with Erin a couple days ago and he said that he lost weight early on in the pregnancy and was pretty much back at his starting weight so I initially thought this was boy but then this morning, he stepped on the scale and said oh jeez… I put on some weight. 

Prediction: GIRL

#6 Baby’s Heart Rate

If the baby’s heart rate is above 140 bpm, it’s a girl. Below 140, it’s a boy! We have only had one visit and the baby’s heart rate was 175 so that would be a girl!

Prediction: GIRL

#7 Mayan Prediction

The Mayans believed that you used the mother’s age at conception and the year of conception. If the result is even, it’s a girl; an odd number would mean it’s a boy. I’m 28 and it’s 2014… even! I was a little wary of this one considering they had the world freaked out by their prediction of the world ending in 2012.

Prediction: GIRL

#8 Baking Soda Test

For this science experiment, you put a tablespoon of baking soda in a cup. Add in FMU (a nicer way to say first morning urine) and mix it in. If it fizzes up like a beer, it’s a boy. If it stays still, it’s a girl.

Prediction: BOY

#9 Food Cravings

This one is pretty simple, people say if you crave salty food, you’re having a boy. If you crave sweets, it’s a girl. People that know me understand that I’m a super crazy eater even when I’m not pregnant. It would not be surprising to see me eating pickles and ice cream right after one another on a regular basis. I’m a candyholic so this is pretty tough to call. Since my number one craving has been pizza, I’m going to say I lean a little more to saltiness.

Prediction: BOY

#10 Left Eye Test

This one was super weird but the Old Wives Tale says to you pull down the skin under your left eye. If you see a “V” or branches in the white area, it’s a girl. When I did this test, I saw a little “V.

Prediction: GIRL

#11 Necklace Over Hand

I remember doing this test years ago when I worked at MA to predict our future children. So you take a necklace with some type of pendant and dip it three times between the “L” of your thumb and index finger. Then hold the pendant over the palm of your left hand. If it swings back and forth, it’s a boy. If it swings in a circle, it’s a girl. I only did it one time for this baby and the result was boy.

Prediction: BOY

#12 Wedding Ring Test

Here’s another jewelry test but you do it over your belly. Tie a string to your wedding ring and hold it above your belly. The way you measure is different on this one. If it rocks back and forth, it’s a girl. If it goes in circles, it’s a boy. Mine rocked back and forth super strong indicating a girl.

Prediction: GIRL

#13 Intelligender Test

Erin was super upset that I went out and bought this test. This is an actual kit you can buy at Walgreens that predicts the gender of the child. The kit is $40 and since it claims to be 90% effective, I thought it was totally worth it. It has these crystal like things in the bottom that combine with your FMU and change color. If it turns green, it’s a boy. If it remains yellow/orange, it’s a girl.

Prediction: BOY

intelligender test

Final Tally: 

Boy: 6

Girl: 7 – WINNER!

It’s a close one! Hopefully we’ll find out today and I can add it to my 12 Week Update!


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