Week 12 Update + Dr Appt

Week 12 was very good for me. Pretty soon I’ll update this in the appropriate amount of time (as I’m just barely 13 weeks writing this). So this past week was a very exciting week. Monday started off with our 12 week check-up and NT scan. So far everything has come back normal. I should get the results from the blood test next week.

Look at that adorable nose!

Look at that adorable nose!

I was REALLY hoping to find out the baby’s sex but I think we may have to wait. The baby was VERY wiggly during the appointment, which was so fun to see. He/She kept doing a bucking motion while our lovely tech was trying to get all the necessary information. We got to see all the baby’s parts like it’s growing brain, little arms and legs, heart and intestines. It was super interesting and we were so excited. No “prominent protrusion” as of right now, so if the tech had to guess, it would be a girl. It’s weird because I had made peace with the fact that it will probably be a boy and I think we were both surprised to hear it was even a possibility. (Obviously we knew it’s a possibility… there’s a 50/50 chance but we were solid in our boy prediction)

What do you think - Boy or Girl?

What do you think – Boy or Girl?

It was super fun getting a whole disc of photos this time of the baby. I feel like it was Baby E’s first photo shoot and he/she was trying to work it for the camera. The baby is growing super fast! It’s about 3 inches long now (about an inch bigger than average).

Working those cheekbones!

Working those cheekbones!

How far along: 12 weeks – new expected due date of 10/29

Baby is the size of a: plum

Symptoms: All symptoms are easing up… skin is improving, still very grouchy and I’m getting random rashes. Not fun.

Total weight gain: Down another pound. Doctor said I need to watch my meals more closely. She was not totally concerned with the weight level and said I should be gaining

Maternity clothes: Not yet but showing a little through my typical shirts. I have not told my entire company (just my boss) so I am going to assume they just think I ate a big breakfast/lunch.

Stretch marks: Nope – slathering on massage oil and coco butter.

Sleep: Great! Relatively no problems within the last week. Struggling a little with laying on my stomach. May have to buy the body pillow to force myself to side sleep.

Best moment of this week: Seeing the baby, telling my brothers, telling my dad.

Miss anything: Sanity, Emotional Stability, Staying Up Late

Movement: No but I’ve been reading up on everything… I’m ready for those fluttering motions to begin!

Food cravings: Pizza, Bloody Mary Mix, Sour Gummies

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not anything particular this week.

Have you started to show yet: Tiny little bump.

Gender: Nothing definite yet… Tech initial prediction is a girl.

Labor signs: No

Belly button in or out: In.

Wedding rings on or off: On

Happy or moody most of the time: Very moody.

Looking forward to: My first Mother’s Day in a couple weeks.


Keep in mind - I just ate a tacos so it's probably a little inflated.

Keep in mind – I just ate a tacos so it’s probably a little inflated. Also, I’m taking this in the bathroom. Note to self: Find a classier place to take bump shots.


4 thoughts on “Week 12 Update + Dr Appt

  1. fallenonmyfeet13 says:

    I can’t explain to you how much I have completely fallen in love with your blog with only reading a few entries up until this point, and it’s actually really helping my own pregnancy brain to get around what I can be looking forward too in the up and coming months!

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