Obsessed: My Fav 5 Baby Things This Week

So of course I’ve gone full out baby fever. Instead of pinning high-fashion styles for me, I’m pinning the best tips for breastfeeding and googling just about anything that seems to be happening to my body. Here’s my weekly wrap-up of my 5 favorite things this week:

1. Wee Mail

I discovered this from a fabulous, Scottsdale fashion-lifestyle blogger and have been obsessed since Week 4. Every day, the baby sends me quick, sassy little messages from inside the womb. Every day on the way to work, I turn to Erin and ask, “Do you want to know what the baby says today?” It’s like a little ritual for us as we patiently count down the days until it’s here! Oh and it’s free! Here’s an adorable example:

Wee Mail Baby App

2. In Gender Forums

When I didn’t receive a for sure GIRL or BOY at my 12 week appointment, I spent all my time looking up ultrasounds of confirmed boy and girl parts. I was so excited when I stumbled upon Ingender.com, an amazing group of ladies that analyze ultrasound nub shots, potty shots and head shapes to help you determine the baby’s sex before the 20 week appointment. I’ve never participated in a message board so I was a little nervous. I posted two shots from the ultrasound and the ladies were super quick! Four posts from ladies citing a “pink lean”. (I’m totally getting the lingo)

3. How to Feel Manly in a Minivan: The Desperate Dad’s Survival Guide

I was running through Nordstrom today to get to a meeting when I stumbled upon this adorable little pop up shop. I discovered this book and, since our first “paper” anniversary is tomorrow and I hadn’t bought Erin a gift, I immediately purchased it. I thought it would be the perfect Happy-Anniversary-Now-Get-Ready-To-Be-A-Father gift. I thought it was so funny because it talks about different situations and ranks them in difficulty with bottles, then offers a reward in beers. Perfect for my husband. Breaking parenting down to something he can truly understand.

How to Feel Manly in a Minivan

4. Just Mommies Pregnancy Calendar

I’m obsessed with this daily calendar that tells you what baby is doing inside. For example, today the baby begins to inhale and exhale amniotic fluid (practicing breathing). How cool is that? I feel like I get a daily insight on how the baby is growing especially because I can’t feel it! It makes me feel a little connected and a little less crazy. 

5. Instagram Finds

I love instagram. Lately I’ve been less of a poster and more of an observer… mainly of adorable baby girl clothing. Two of my favorite shops are Top Knots And Twirls and Olivia Ann Collections. Follow them both on instagram. They are amazing! Olivia Ann Collections creates GORGEOUS custom crowns and cute feather headpieces. Top Knots and Twirls is a super cute boutique store with all these adorable dresses and skirts. If I don’t end up having a girl… I’ll probably just buy myself a crown or two.



These are my finds for this week! If you know of any amazing baby sites or anything else I should check out, let me know!!


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