20 Week Update + Bump Shot

So 20 weeks… the official halfway mark. We’re so excited. It was like serious baby time this weekend. Erin was gone for business all week so I was so excited to spend the weekend with him and our puppy. On Saturday, I woke up to an amazing surprise… DONUTS! The way to a pregnant lady’s heart is definitely through some jelly filled donuts from Dunkin’… spot hitter.

After donuts we decided to venture into the world of registering. We decided to register at Buy Buy Baby. We had gone into the store a couple of times for friend’s showers and loved the selection. I had no idea how overwhelming the registering process was going to be. OMG. We were there a total of 12 … 3 … no… 4 HOURS! We talked pumps and onesies and cribs, travel systems and toys, toys, toys. I planned on being super cutesy and documenting our amazing day. YEAH RIGHT. I was lucky to make it out alive. I have to admit, our sales lady was super helpful. Being a first time mom, there is a ton of stuff to think about and quite frankly, I had no idea about 90% of the stuff she brought up. She was a little pushy (and judgy) at times but overall it was a great experience.

We actually came home and removed some items that we felt pressured to put on the list but probably won’t use. Also some clothes that we really didn’t like but registered for because she recommended we get a certain amount. I didn’t go overboard with the pink. Just splashes here and there. I don’t want our little girl drowning in a Peptol Bismol pink room. After the long process, this mama was tired. I went home and took the world’s longest nap.

registry shopping

a photo from our BBB adventure

I would definitely recommended registering at BBBaby. Not only does it have everything you could want and more, they offer special coupons to be used towards future purchases. It’s not restricted on furniture or our stroller either so we may go and take care of some of those bigger ticket items (especially because it’s a special order for the crib). All we have left to do is add a couple more things to our Target registry and we are done!

Now for my weekly update:

How far along: 20 weeks – HALFWAY THERE!

Baby is the size of a: banana – is it stupid that I’ve been waiting forever to say the baby is the size of this fruit?

Symptoms: Weird crampy feelings? Kind of nervous when it happened at first but it went away pretty quickly. If it continues, I’ll check in with my doctor. Serious bitchiness,

Total weight gain: Not sure but it feels like 1000. Scale is at my MIL’s house.

Maternity clothes: I’ve basically given up and I’m just wearing dresses right now.

Stretch marks: Love me some cocoa butter.

Sleep: Meh… Lots of things going bump in the night… mainly baby girl kicking me super hard in the belly. thanks sweetie, now let mommy sleep.

Best moment of this week: This might be best/worst = registering

Miss anything: I miss(ed) my husband when he was away but he’s back now so it’s all good!

Movement: More and more every day. Scratch that morning baby stuff… unless you count 4am as morning. To me, that’s the middle of the night… no. thank. you. Anyone ever felt the come hither finger from the inside of your belly? That’s a weird one.

Food cravings: No particular food cravings… just generally want a lot of food.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No… I may scratch this one off my list since I think it no longer applies.

Have you started to show yet: I got my first stranger question this weekend while getting a pedicure. I’m terrible with accents and I couldn’t for the life understand the nail tech as she asked me how far along I was. I finally figured it out and gushed a little as we talked baby stuff.

Gender: Kind of a little continuation of my nail shop story… when I told her it was a girl she said oooh a princess! I thought that was cute.

Labor signs: No

Belly button in or out: In but growing more shallow by the day

Wedding rings on or off: On but fingers are super swollen… thank you Arizona desert heat.

Happy or moody most of the time: Very moody.

Looking forward to: Babymoon in a couple weeks!

Baby Bump Shot:

I’m starting to become more comfortable with the idea of wearing tighter shirts. This is one of those examples. It used to be a really loose tanktop. Obvi it is no longer a loose tanktop.

baby bump week 20


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