22/23 Week Update + Bump Shots

This perfectly explains how pregnancy has been going lately...

This perfectly explains how pregnancy has been going lately…

This post is coming to you just after my amazing trip to San Diego! That’s right… it’s our “babymoon”. This post is super delayed (so I combined two weeks) but I was so excited about getting ready for our little getaway, and enjoying myself while I was there, that I totally forgot about updating!

Weeks 22 and 23 were fun! The baby moves all the time now and I’m trying to figure out her little schedule. At first, I thought she for sure was a morning baby because she was so active from 8a-3pm. Then it changed and she would be active from 8pm-2am. That was fun… not. Now, it’s really up to her… but I guess it has been all along. Oh and we saw her little feet kick me from the outside. I was equal parts super excited & freaked out. I’m getting used to her crazy movements so my anxiety is beginning to reduce.

Now for my weekly update:

How far along: 22 & 23 weeks

Baby is the size of a: Papaya (22 weeks) + Grapefruit (23 weeks)

What I’m Feeling: Lots of movement, Heartburn, Indigestion, Back Pain,

Total weight gain: Ahh… I think I’m up 8 lbs from PPW.

Maternity clothes: I finally found pants! H&M are currently carrying pants with stretchy backs making them perfect for maternity wear, without actually being maternity pants. Best part is I can probably wear them post baby.

Stretch marks: No but my mom told me that if I keep scratching my stomach, I will get them. Is there any truth to this??

Sleep: Babymoon = best sleep ever

Best moment of this week: Erin feeling the baby move, seeing the baby kick, introducing baby to Grandma Mimi, seeing our beautiful, painted nursery

Miss anything: Days without back pain…

Movement: Lots! Active little baby ALL. THE. TIME.

Food cravings: Not really that excited about any food in particular.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Actually lately I’ve been feeling like I’m going to throw up all the time. Not sure of the reason.

Have you started to show yet: Yes, huge.

Gender: My little girl!

Labor signs: No

Belly button in or out: In. It looks like a big blowhole.

Wedding rings on or off: On. Still struggling with the swelling.

Happy or moody most of the time: Apparently very moody… ask my husband.

Looking forward to: Decorating!!!

Baby Bump Shot:

Sooooo… this is me at 22 weeks.

Week 22


And now 23…

23 Weeks


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