The Pregnancy Diet (AKA Things I’m Craving vs. Things I Can Eat)

i want foodSo obviously I knew that I would have to give some things up during pregnancy. When we started talking about trying, I wanted to make sure I was as prepared as possible. I cut out caffeine, didn’t drink any alcohol, watched what I ate… I didn’t want to risk anything and I thought that removing these items from my normal routine would make it easier. I made peace with the fact that champs would no longer be in my future and I couldn’t indulge in my daily Neuro Sonic drinks. I was fully prepared for those items.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the long list of foods you can’t/shouldn’t eat when pregnant. There is a rather large list so I’ll try and summarize as easily quickly as possible:

– Soft Cheese (brie, feta, blue cheese, goat’s milk, etc)

– Raw/Undercooked Eggs (fully cooked through yolks required! that includes raw eggs found in fancy sauces like hollandaise and dressings like caesar)

– Deli Meats (unless served steaming hot)

– Undercooked Meats (beef and lamb should be served medium to medium well. hot dogs are out of the question)

– Certain/Undercooked Seafood (doesn’t apply to me since I don’t eat anything from the sea)

– Caffeine, Tea, Alcohol (duh… that’s a given)

So… these restrictions quickly added up and I soon realized that I would have to say goodbye to some of my favorite foods for 9 months. I put together a “small list” of some of my first stops once the baby is out and about.


Links: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

From L-R, Top to Bottom: Orange Julius, Four Peaks Peach Ale, Costco Hot Dog, Go Girl Energy Drink. Overeasy Eggs, Zoe’s Kitchen Gruben (with Zoe’s Famous Coleslaw of course!), Erin’s Uncle Bob’s Perfectly Cooked Lamb, Turkey & Cheddar Lunchables, Neuro Sonic Energy Drink, Medium Rare Steak, the Windsor’s Deviled Egg Dip and last but not least, a classic Wedge salad covered in blue cheese.

My cravings list increases every week so I’m terrified to see how long this list gets in the next 12 weeks of pregnancy!

Are you indulging in all your favorite foods or carefully following by the guidelines set by your doctor?


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