The Dreaded 3-Hour Glucose Tolerance Test (Testing for Gestational Diabetes)

To be honest, this freaked me out. I thought.. great, I totally have gestational diabetes. Thanks Paradise for making such delicious cookies that I thought I needed 4 a day. You’re the sole cause of this.

I talked to my doctor’s assistant and she reassured me that it was totally fine and most likely the test would show that I don’t have GD but I would have to follow a diet for the three days and come in for the 3-hour test first thing Monday morning. Obviously I agreed to the test because… well I had no choice. She sent over the diet (I don’t think everyone uses the same diet so you should listen to your doctor if they have something different) and this is what is said:


1 serving fruit or fruit juice

1/2 cup of cooked cereal or 3/4 prepared cereal

1 slice of bread

1 tablesppon of jelly or sugar


1 serving of fruit


1 serving meat, fish, eggs or cheese

1 serving cooked veggies or salad

2 slices of bread

1 tablespoon of jelly or sugar

1 serving of dessert (pie, cake, pudding, ice cream, cookies, fruit)


1 oz chocolate candy bar


1 serving meat, fish, eggs or cheese

1 serving potato, rice or pasta

1 serving cooked veggies or salad

1 slide of bread

1 tablespoon jelly or sugar

1 serving of dessert (pie, cake, pudding, ice cream, cookies, fruit)

In addition to the above, you have to drink 2 cups of milk per day and may use coffee, tea, cream, butter, or margarine as desired. Last but not least, you may not eat or drink anything after 10:30pm the night before the test (that includes water, food, gum or mints… nothing.)

After I read through it, I was genuinely surprised. This might be the best diet I’ve ever been on… I can eat CANDY?! Of course, like any other diet, you want what you can’t have. I best satisfied my cravings throughout the day with some of my favorite foods and discovered new things I plan to add to my diet. The dinner actually was the best, and most filling, meal of the day. We made chicken every night with a different cooked vegetable and baked potato. It was delicious. I’ve never paid much attention to portions but I realized after this “diet”, I was seriously overeating. Not that I was fat or anything but I found I could be just as satisfied if I planned my meals in advance.

Obviously this isn’t a new concept to the general public… lol I have never forced myself to eat this way and I discovered I really liked it.

The one part of the diet I was most grossed out about was the milk. I haven’t really had a glass of milk since I was 10 or so. I get super sick and hate the taste so milk has really just been something I either cooked with or dipped my Oreos into. I have always been against the other alternatives to milk like Soy and Almond Milk, mainly because I thought they were weird and stupid. Well, I admit I was wrong. I drank Blue Diamond’s Almond Milk (Vanilla) throughout the 3 days and IT WAS AMAZING. I have finally found an alternative that I actually enjoy. Erin isn’t a milk drinker either and he has fallen in love with it too. I think maybe I’ve been wrong about a bunch of other foods now so maybe I should venture out to try (or retry) some of the foods I’ve been against for years.

almond milk

You would think you could survive without drinking any water for 12 hours but let me tell you, not drinking water was the hardest part of this entire thing. I was so thirsty and my mouth was so dry. All I wanted to do was chug any water I could. I was actually excited to brush my teeth so I could swish around some water in my mouth!

Back to the test, so I went in at 8:00am for my test. They tested my blood first thing after fasting. Then I was able to drink the glucose drink. I chose fruit punch again. Drinking it was amazing. At least I was able to drink something! Then we entered the boring part. You have to just wait in the waiting area for three more hours. They call you back every hour to take your blood. You’re poked a total of four times. My poor little arms were so tired after this test. After the test is done, you can go back to your regular schedule.

As soon as I finished, I ran to the water cooler and had the most amazing cup of water I’ve ever tasted. I then picked up a mini pizza (and breadsticks) and went back to work. It was delicious.

The results came super fast. I got a call the next day but missed it. When I checked the message, they let me know that they had good news: I don’t have gestational diabetes. *Yay* Unfortunately, this was one of those good news/bad news calls because she followed up with… But…. you did have 1 elevated level so Dr. Martin is recommending you watch your carb and sugar intake. (PS – You need at least 2 elevated levels to have GD)

Sad face.

So because I’m an extremist and cannot just eat a little bit of something, I’ve decided to cut it out as much as possible. That means no more cookies, cupcakes and full loaves of bread. I am looking on the bright side because at least I can have my favorites: bacon and cheese. I’ve changed a couple things around this week by adding in some healthy snacks (like almonds) during the day. Really it’s only 3 more months and I know I can sacrifice a little more to ensure that I’m providing the healthiest self for my little baby. I have been pretty proud of myself though because I have been sort of sticking to some of the elements I learned through the diet. I’ve been packing a lunch and I’m back to eating breakfast. We’re making more veggies and eating a lot more protein.

I think my only exception to my new diet will be my upcoming baby shower. Too many delicious foods. I have a feeling my “Cravings” section on my weekly update is going to become as long as my blog post. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Dreaded 3-Hour Glucose Tolerance Test (Testing for Gestational Diabetes)

  1. lilkrys says:

    Haha I enjoyed reading this … one because I have no idea what to expect at the GD test and two because I can totally relate. All I eat right now are carbs and sugary foods. Pasta, pizza, cookies, oreos and brownies. I’m screwed, I never ate like this regularly but baby had brought on a lot of food aversions which are finally subsiding.

    And on another note, I’m lactose and hated the taste of milk anyways. As you said, it was good in my cereal and for drowning my oreos but nothing else. I started drinking Almond Milk a few years ago and do everything with it.. I get the original unsweetened. It’s great especially in baking!! Although making potatoes would be better with lactaid or soy milk. Lately I’ve expanded my options and once and awhile buy Lactaid and Soy .. both which I really like. Soy and Almond Milk are especially good in my coffee 🙂

    Glad your test came back good!

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