Picking A Baby Name

So we actually picked our baby name super early on but I was nervous to announce it to anyone because I was afraid people would be super judgy. When I finally did tell people, they would usually react one of three ways:

1 – Awww… that’s such a cute unique name!

2 – Mmmm…. interesting.

3 – Are you serious? Oh you’re serious… So anyway….

Still today, people will react either super positive or kind of nasty. I know that it doesn’t matter what we named her, there still would be people out there that would prefer we named her something else.. but we didn’t, so there. 🙂

Either way, I love it. Erin actually picked out the girl name and I picked the boy name. When we found out it was a girl, I selected two options for her middle name and we agreed on the final name. I didn’t ask questions about how he decided on the name.

I didn’t know why he liked the name so much until I heard him explain why he picked that name to a friend. Erin likes golf and like most golf enthusiasts, he loves the legendary Arnold Palmer. His love for Arnold Palmer doesn’t stop there though because an “Arnold Palmer” is Erin’s favorite drink. To sum it up, our daughter is basically named after a delicious blend of equal parts lemonade and iced tea. Adorbs.

So that is the story we tell everyone about how we picked out her name. Recently, Erin and I were talking about Palmer’s name and discussing the inspiration behind it. Erin just started laughing and said, well it’s not really named after Arnold Palmer… she’s named after a character in an Adam Sandler movie.


I’m a huge Adam Sandler fan. Like obsessed. I think every single one of his movies are so stupid funny and they never grow old. Well, one of the characters in the movie Just Go With It is named Palmer (played by Brooklyn Decker). She’s blonde and gorgeous… and apparently that’s where Erin got the name. We have had a lot of people ask how we picked her name and they’ll follow up with… oh isn’t that the girl from that Adam Sandler movie Just Go With It? Erin and I will just say “ohhh yeah… that is her name right?” and play stupid so we don’t have to admit she’s named after some supporting actress in a movie that basically went straight to blu-ray.

For her middle name, we wanted something feminine to balance our somewhat masculine name. I liked either Olivia or Sophia. We are always talking about initials and wanted to make sure since we were selecting a name that started with a P and our last name starts with an E, we didn’t pick a middle name that also started with an E because being PEE would be terrible. My middle initials were AKC, American Kennel Club. Nice huh? You wouldn’t think people would make the connection and make fun of you as a kid but elementary school is hard and kids are mean. So back to our two options, I was really pushing for Sophia but we loved the idea of her initials spelling POE so we went with Olivia.

I’m glad we didn’t go through a ton of trouble trying to figure out a name and we actually agreed very early on. It’s been nice because we’ve been able to call her by name as soon as we found out our baby was a she!

My words of advice on picking names, just be honest with one another and don’t let other people make you feel bad. After all, it’s your baby and your decision.


5 thoughts on “Picking A Baby Name

  1. lilkrys says:

    Haha I was just watching that movie yesterday 🙂 Great movie. I do like the name Palmer now that you mention it… it’s different but I like it. Our baby girl name is different as well, while our boy name is quite popular.

  2. Elle says:

    I loved this! Our baby name is going to be pretty different if the baby is a girl…and people have terrible poker faces when we tell them!

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