Month One


The first month of Palmer’s life has been crazy. We spent the first week in the hospital recovering from my c-section and basically learning how to nurse. Learning to nurse is the toughest thing. “Society” puts so much pressure on women/moms to breastfeed their children. I always knew I wanted to BF my kids but I didn’t realize nursing doesn’t come easily to all little ones. The first week was basically me in tears as I struggled to get Palmer to latch. Sometimes I would get her on but only for like 10 minutes. One time I went six hours struggling to get her to latch and the nurses told me I needed to supplement with formula. I was super adamant about not giving up and making sure she was nursing from me. We compromised and I pumped for the first time. I only got a little bit out (like 10 cc) so we had to add in some formula for the feeding. I spent so much time with the lactation consultants during that week in the hospital trying to figure out how to feed my child. I felt helpless and frustrated. Shouldn’t this come easy? I felt like I was failing at my new job (and I was only a couple of days in). Finally on the last day we decided to introduce the nipple shield… some contraption that would basically turn me into a bottle. P seemed to adapt well so shield it is! They said I should be able to wean her off of it later on.


As we brought her home we had lots of concerns… one of which was a 80-lb, very excited big brother. We weren’t sure how Tyson was going to react to her but I really wanted to make sure we were warm and open-minded while introducing the two. This was a major change for Ty too and I wanted him to feel loved and excited about our new addition. I have to say, I was surprised how gentle he was around the baby. He even came up and gave her tiny kisses on her head. He isn’t super interactive all the time and does not want her to ride him. I guess that crosses the line for him. He has even been great with her toys. He did try and get her Wubbanub so we had to shut that down real quick.


after baby’s first bath

I was surprised to see how sleepy newborns are during the first month. Those first couple of weeks I thought we were just lucky parents. She slept ALL. THE. TIME. Feedings were pretty much every 2 hours and we kept on schedule. She seemed to be hungry all the time. If she wasn’t hungry, she was tired. If she wasn’t tired, she had a dirty diaper. We quickly learned what a poo-splosion was during our first bath time session. P peed and poo’d as we finished up her sponge bath so we had to do it over again.


She loves her car seat. We can literally take her anywhere in it and she will just sleep through everything. We actually brought her to a very popular sports bar at just a few weeks old for the ASU vs. Notre Dame game and she slept through the entire thing. It sounded like we were at the actual game. I kept checking on her and she seemed so peaceful. It was awesome.

Monthly Update:


Weight: P dropped down to 5 lbs 12 oz after the week in the hospital. At her 2 week checkup, she weighed in at 6 lbs 12 oz. Looks like we have a healthy eater!

Length: 20″

Diaper Size: N

Clothing Size: Newborn

Nicknames: P, POE, Baby P

Health: Great! She’s a little throw up-y but I guess that’s normal with newborns.

Sleep: Amazing at night. Wakes up occasionally for feedings at night but quickly goes back to sleep. Lots of naps through the day.

Diet: Eating every 2 hours (20 min each)

Baby Gear Love: Ergo Baby, Amazing rocker borrowed from my friend Ali, long-sleeved onesies with glovies built in, sleep sacks, Wubbanubs, Soothie pacifiers are my saviors!


Loves: Her wubbas (especially her frog), sleeping, pooing all over her dad, early mornings, being bounced, being held, being swaddled

Dislikes: night time (the witching hour), changing diapers, changing clothes, being staged for a photo


first halloween. so cute holding my finger!

Milestones: *I’m still figuring out what milestones she’s supposed to be hitting…* She recognizes my voice and her dad’s voice. Holding onto our fingers. Watches shadows (really likes the shadows of the fan). Pushes up using her arms when on our chest.

Parenting Fails: So all over Pinterest, people are putting their babies in pumpkins so I thought, yes… I will put P in a pumpkin. We went to a pumpkin patch only to realize it only took cash and we had less than $10 on hand (which would have been more than enough at the grocery store). We couldn’t really get a big pumpkin for that but since she’s so tiny, we thought it was TOTALLY possible to fit her in a pumpkin in our price range. My mom was in town so she assisted me on Operation: Fit Palmer in a Pumpkin. As I was cutting up the pumpkin, it became apparent that she would not fit inside. We thought, we can figure a way around this… so we cut out the back and tried to place her inside. Fail. Palmer hated it and screamed the entire time. We were able to capture this photo… which obviously will not make it on the family Christmas card. Check out the pumpkin in her toes… that was fun to clean up.


Parenting Successes: We’ve got this swaddle thing down. She loves being swaddled and bounced. We’ve found that usually gets her to calm down during the fussy periods. Also.. it’s nice to know we aren’t “those parents”… you know.. the ones who hide out at home and hide their child away from the world. We’ve been socializing P by bringing her everywhere. Aside from that… we’ve kept her fed and changed for a month so we deserve a pat on the back for that one.

Looking forward to: CHUNKY LEGS and when she starts making noises. Bring on the cooing.






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