Month Two


So it’s month two and we’re starting to get the hang of this “we have a baby” thing. Diaper changes are super easy (unless we’re faced with a poo-splosion) and we can sort of figure out why she’s crying. Palmer is super cute and growing so quickly! I completely understand when I hear moms say to enjoy this time because it passes by too quickly.

We had our 2-month checkup and everything is well. She received her first round of vaccinations. It was super quick. When he poked her for the first time, she looked at us with super wide eyes and there was a delayed response. Then suddenly, her face turned as red as a beet and she let out a big wail. He was done very quickly and she settled down shortly after. She did a great job. We found out she is in the 25th percentile for height and 20th percentile for weight. A good friend of mine said her pediatrician said don’t worry about all the numbers because anything between 1 and 99 is normal. Our doctor said she’s growing well and her head looks great! We also got the results back from her ultrasound for her hips and everything looks great! No clicking and hips look perfect.


reflux shot!

We also talked to the doctor about some issues we’ve been having with her spitting up. After doing some research at home, I asked about reflux. The doctor agreed that her symptoms seemed to match signs of reflux (happy spitter, crying fits between feedings – similar to colic, hiccups, bumps on the lower part of her face, poor napper). We decided to move forward with trying some medication to reduce the spit ups (zantac). I’m hoping to see an improvement soon! She eats so much and then spits up at least half of it so I’m interested to see how this affects future feedings. I’d like to see her actually keep in the food we give her. We were feeding her 5 oz every 2-3 hours knowing that she would spit up at least 2-3 oz between feedings. She usually spits up most of it right after the feeding when we are burping her.

Anyone experienced reflux issues with their baby? I would love some advice/tips on how to handle it. I might go out and purchase a wedge for her crib to help her sleep at night. It’s extremely common. I read that some type of reflux is found in 35% of babies.

PS – I wish I could upload a video showcasing P’s adorable sounds but I think I have to upgrade my page in order to do it. Boo. *imagine there is a video of an adorable baby making super cute & sweet sounds here* I’ve posted a couple on my Instagram page… JUSTAUDREY.

Monthly Update:


Weight: 10 lbs, 2 oz (At her 2-mo checkup)

Length: 22″ – Grown 2″ since birth!

Diaper Size: N – we keep thinking she’s going to grow out of these but she’s so darn skinny on her waist that she is drowning in the 1s

Clothing Size: Newborn and we’ve introduced some 3mo. They are sometimes a little big but wearable.

Nicknames: P, POE, Baby P

Health: Perfect, aside from the reflux issues.

Sleep: Still sleeping well at night. Usually gets between 5-7 hours of sleep straight through the night starting at midnight. We’re going to start winding that back to hopefully 8 or 9.

Diet: Eating every 2-3 hours (for as long as she wants – usually a huge range from 13-30 minutes) and we’ve dropped the MOTN feeding, unless she wakes up and wants it.

Baby Gear Love: Aden & Anais Burp Bibs… saving us through our reflux issues. Boba wrap.

IMG_2901 1


love my boba wrap

Loves: Chatting in the morning and afternoon, smiling, spitting up, dancing, being held (non-stop), watching the stars in the rocker


Dislikes: Diaper changes, changing clothes, tummy time, when I’m prepping everything to feed her (still using the nipple shield)

Milestones: Trying to suck on her thumb/fist, rubs her eyes/ears when tired – LOVE this cue, lots of talking, smiling when making eye contact, reaching for things (mainly just people), lots of kicking with her feet, entertaining herself when in crib

Parenting Fails: When we were driving away from the ultrasound place, Erin asked if she was strapped in all the way in her seat. I guess this was the case of we though the other person took care of it. She was strapped in but not tight in the seat (super loose as we were just entering the elevator). We didn’t see it because we had wrapped a blanket around her because it was cold in the building. Lesson learned. Always check to make sure when locking her into the base.

Parenting Successes: We survived our first big family event: Thanksgiving! We celebrate with Erin’s family and there are 40+ people there so it was a lot to take in. She did great though and so did we. Lots of holding from all the family. A little crying but that’s expected. I feel like Erin and I did a good job of not being super possessive (well aside from just wanting to hold her).



gorgeous family photo

We took Palmer to see Santa and she was such a little angel. She slept through the whole thing. I don’t think she minds being held by Santa. She wore a little gold dress with adorable leggings and this gorgeous turban from one of my favorite baby accessory shops, Royal Bowtique.

Screen shot 2015-01-02 at 11.19.24 AM

I think the most notable success might be that Erin and I had our first outing without the baby! We spent a couple hours out at his company’s holiday party. I even had a little champagne. I wasn’t nervous leaving her with her grandparents because I knew she would be in good hands. I was more bummed that my little mini wasn’t by my side all night. It was nice to get out of the house and actually put on some makeup for once. I looked like a lady! Oh and I restrained myself from asking for a play-by-play (even though Erin’s parents checked in with us a couple times via text).

Looking forward to: More noises please!





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