Month Three


Month three is kind of crazy. It’s like it sets in… you have a baby… and she’s awake a lot more. Your new role is the entertainer. Also more of a schedule sets in so you are able to better identify what baby wants. If you’re following a babywise format, it would be sleep, feed, play, repeat. In my household, I found it to be more like sleep, feed, play for 5 minutes, cry, sleep, play, more crying, feed, possibly sleep during meal, feed, repeat.


tummy time drama


New Year’s – My first drink!







Our playtime activities vary. P likes laying on the playmat and reading stories. She also likes looking at the lambies on the rocker and I count them. We have recently introduced the jumper. She’s a little small for jumping but I feel like it’s really helping her with her head strength. Then there is playtime on mom’s lap where we talk and smile. Annnnddd… sometimes we’ll sit in the Bumbo and watch reality television. Working on head strength again… of course.

Reflux Update: I guess it should be better by now but she still spits up all the time. I guess it’s a bit better. It depends on the feeding. She used to throw up massive amounts after every feeding and now it’s usually a 70% chance that she’ll throw up. We also introduced a little wedge for her crib so that should help her to feel more comfortable through the night.

Monthly Update:

Weight: 11 lbs, 3 oz (at home estimate)

Length: 24″ (at home estimate)

Diaper Size: 1

Clothing Size: Still newborn and small 3mo clothes. Pants seem to fit her best in 3mo. Newborns = capris.

Nicknames: P, Erin’s mom calls her Miss P

Health: Happy and Refluxy!

Sleep: Gets to bed around 10-12, sleeps until 5-6, feeds then back to sleep until 8-9

Diet: Eating every 2.5-3 hours

Baby Gear Love: Jumper (Thanks Uncle Dan!), Giraffe toy, Violet the Dog

Loves: Standing up on our bellys, when we hit the items on the jumper, reading books, tooting, watching Tyson play with toys, when we play “Eat P’s Feet”, laughing, eating, going for walks

Dislikes: Naptime, tummy time, when her paci falls out, medicine, headbands

Milestones: Moves head from side to side, reached for the toys on the jumper – pushed the little spinny things back and forth, smiles when she is happy (not just when she’s about to throw up), bringing items to her mouth

Parenting Fails: At Erin’s soccer game, I set Palmer/the carseat on the bleachers. I thought it was stable but I went to grab something that fell down and *barely* touched the carseat. When I did, the carseat flew down. Thankfully she was strapped in tight and a friend was there to catch it quickly. Erin’s face: WTF. #motheroftheyear

Parenting Successes: This isn’t really a success story but we survived our first Christmas as parents. I’m sure next year will be crazy and fun but we tried to start some new traditions with her (even though she won’t remember anything).


*in her Christmas jammies*



P’s first ornament. We filled it with a little message that she can read when she gets older! 🙂

Other things: transferring Palmer to her crib, going to work for the first time…

Looking forward to: Babbling

NEW: Goals for next month: Holding her head up (and more tummy time), Rolling Over


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