Month Four


Palmer is officially four months old. Holy crap. She’s like a full on baby now.. not just an adorable blob of cuteness. She makes tons of noises, interacts with others, and sort of plays with toys. She knows when people are talking with her and shouts at us when we are “ignoring” her. She’s fun and social. We still haven’t mastered some developmental things but, honestly, I don’t care. She’ll get there when she gets there. I’ve seen improvement and that’s all that matters. She’s FOUR MONTHS. She’ll figure it out.


tummy time improvement. 🙂

I’ve been working for the past month and it’s been tough juggling them both. I have worked from home the last month and it’s hard to get her into a routine when I feel like I need to focus on completing work. Now that I’m taking a little break, I should be able to get her back on a schedule. I’m hoping to socialize her a bit more with other babies in the next month.

Reflux Update: Spitting up is the same. We had our four month check-up and we are going to up her medicine since she’s grown. We are also introducing rice cereal. I hope that goes well.

Monthly Update:

Weight: 12 lbs, 2 oz (10th percentile)

Length: 23.25″ (10th percentile – doctor thinks we got a bad length measure and she may be taller)

Diaper Size: 1

Clothing Size: She can still fit in newborn onesies. Everything else is 3mo.

Nicknames: P, Peanut

Health: Perfect.

Sleep: Sleeping well in her crib. Some issues initially getting her to bed but once she’s down in her crib, she’s out for the night.

Diet: Eating every 2-2.5 hours – Does this ever get easier???

Baby Gear Love: New rocker/vibrating chair, Sleep Sack Swaddle Thing

Loves: Sitting up on the couch, turning around to watch TV (terrible), music, when people sing to her, laughing, eating her hands, eating blankets

Dislikes: Naps

Milestones: ThisClose to rolling over, sits up on her own (for the most part), holds toys, brings objects to her mouth, pushes up when doing tummy time, entertains herself when laying in crib

Parenting Fails: I can’t think of any right now! Maybe that some days we just don’t get dressed because I know she’ll just throw up all over her clothes and I don’t want to deal with a getting dressed meltdown.

Parenting Successes: I can’t think of any of these either. lol

Looking forward to: More noises + Tummy Time

Goals for next month: Introducing rice cereal + Rolling Over


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