Month Five


It’s been almost a week since I’ve left the house. I’ve been wearing the same clothes for 3 days. I’m covered in spit up and my hair is in a scrunchie. I rushed into a Sephora and just picked up concealer because, lets be real, these dark circles are getting out of hand… I need to pull it together. I’m really trying to find my rhythm as a new mom. On an exciting note, I’m officially a full time mom. I recently left my job to focus on P at home. It’s the most incredible, most challenging job I’ve ever held. 🙂

Speaking of challenging, we had a terrible last couple weeks. P’s teething and reflux are OOC. When she isn’t screaming because of her baby teeth, she’s spitting up all over the place. It’s exhausting. We’ve been on Randitidine for three months now. Sometimes I feel like it helps. I’m hoping the introduction of solid foods will help this process. From what I’ve read, things improve around 6-7 months. *Fingers crossed*

To make matters worse, last Saturday we woke up at 330am to my poor puppy’s leg the size of a hot dog bun (and it kept getting bigger). We had planned to get a mass removed from his leg after he started biting at it just two days before but they aren’t able to get us in until the 25th. Something happened and his leg swelled up so bad. He is a boxer and the “c” word is something that’s very common in that breed. He just turned 7 on March 7th.

When the doctor saw him, she almost immediately came out and told us she couldn’t do anything further and she needed to refer us to on oncologist as it’s a mast cell tumor and needs attention immediately. It’s obviously something we knew could happen but never thought we would need to address. It caught us off guard and we are trying to treat it and make it as easy for him as possible. Because of that, he needs to take pills ’round the clock. It’s super stressful and all I want is our adorable little family to be okay. P loves Tyson and has been interacting with him a lot lately. I want her to have the chance to grow up with him as much as she can.

Left (obviously swollen foot) | Right (other, non swollen paw)

Left (obviously swollen foot) | Right (other, non swollen paw)

Monthly Update:

Weight: 12 lbs, 9.6 oz

Length: 24″ – At home guess…

Diaper Size: 2 – we went through those 1s quickly! I feel like she was only in them for a super short time.

Clothing Size: Pretty much only 3 month clothes now!

Nicknames: P, Peanut, Baby P

Health: Perfect.

Sleep: Sleeping in the swing. Between the teething and my irrational fear of her rolling over in her sleep, we’ve been kicking it in the living room. This will end soon though.

Diet: BFing every 2 hours (from 4am-9pm); Introducing rice cereal – need to be consistent though!

Baby Gear Love: Fisher Price Shake ‘N Beats Tambourine & Rattle ‘N Rock Maracas

Loves: Trying to talk on the phone, squishing our faces – especially our mouths, making kissy sounds, playing/discovering objects

Dislikes: Naps, rice cereal, not being held

Milestones: Rolls over both ways, puts feet to mouth, lots more talking, holds her rattle/lots of other objects, sometimes flings objects (I don’t think this is intentional though), found her little tongue and is always making new shapes with it, smacks lips, almost sitting up on her own, attempting to crawl..

Parenting Fails:

“THE BUMP” – Aside from the real struggle of just trying to remain calm with a teething, spitting up baby, I think we’ve a pretty good job. I mean it’s been tough with trying to introduce rice cereal but I thought we were okay. That was until a couple days ago when my depth perception (or lack thereof) got the best of me. As I was rounding the corner, baby in tow, I misjudged how close we were and *whack* bumped P’s head on the wall. Similar to shots day, P stopped… shocked…. and then let out a huge wail. I examined her little head and it seemed like she had a little bump.

I was terrified to call Erin. I immediately tried to call my mom because I knew she would reassure me that this happens to every new parent but after she didn’t pick up (she was sick and napping), I knew I needed to call Erin. He immediately wanted to call the doctor. I did. And left the world’s most embarrassing voicemail. “Hi Doctor. I accidently bumped my child’s head into the door. Pretty sure I’m just having a new parent panic attack but there is a bump. Call me.”

I put an ice pack on the bump and waited patiently for the call back. My mom called and, of course, reassured me that she will be fine. Babies are resilient. The doctor called back and, bless her heart, told me all parents have done this and she will be fine. *Phew*

“MILESTONE MISS” – So we have been desperately waiting for P to roll over. GIving lots of encouragement, lots of tummy/play mat time. She was super close but hadn’t really gotten there… of course until the day I left the room. I sat her down on the play mat and walked away to go prepare to feed her. I remembered I was going to take out the trash in her bedroom so I walked back in (less than 30 seconds after leaving in the first place) and *voila*, P was laying on her belly. I know I didn’t leave her like that. My jaw hit the ground and my first thought was YOU LITTLE BRAT! I had been waiting for weeks for this moment and it happened in the 30 seconds when I left the room. I spent basically all afternoon on the playmat waiting to witness it for myself. Erin came in and watched her as I went into the kitchen. Suddenly, I heard Erin shout, “She’s doing it again!!”. I ran as fast as I could and saw her, once again, on her belly. Frustrated, I went to walk out and saw her roll from her belly to her back. Now, she’s a rolling machine. I can’t keep her laying in one spot! 🙂

Parenting Successes: Kept her somewhat happy and safe for another month. I consider that a success!

Looking forward to: A little tooth to pop through her baby gums

Goals for next month: Really introducing rice cereal and other solids, Sitting Up & Learning Words


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