Month Six


Things are slightly better. Sometimes we have these amazing, happy days and then other days it’s an all-out cry fest. And that’s just me… kidding. 🙂

We’ve finally established some sort of routine in the morning and at night. The afternoon is a complete mystery. This is our routine (most days):

Between 6-7am – Wake Up

7:15 – First Feeding, Play for a Bit

8-9:30 – Morning Nap

9:15 – Reflux Medicine

9:45 – First Solids, Finished with BFing, Play for a bit

11 – Back down for Mid Morning Nap

12-5 – Try and entertain the baby and feed her in between, sometimes sneak in some 10-20 min naps, running errands also takes place during this time.

5:30 – BF & Baby plays with Daddy

7 – Reflux Medicine

7:30 – Solids, Play for a bit (story time, play on the mat), Finished with BF

8:45 – In jammies and put into bed with wubba

Solids are super fun and I’m having such a good time with the homemade baby food. It also makes me feel good because Erin is like super proud that I make her food. I’m writing a separate post about solids and how we introduced them to P. It’s so easy and it makes me so happy when she likes everything I make (she’s the only one that likes my cooking).

Puppy Update: Tyson’s leg ended up not being anything terrible at all! It’s just a ruptured cyst… THANK GOD! It was like super, super infected so we have him on antibiotics and he is a million times better.

Monthly Update:

Weight: 13 lbs, 6 oz

Length: 24.5″

Diaper Size: 2 – Recently tried Up&Up (versus our normal Pampers)… No. Just stick to Pampers.

Clothing Size: 3 months

Nicknames: P, Peanut, Baby P, Sweet P, Miss P

Health: Awesome. Reflux has suddenly gotten better and now eczema but otherwise healthy. Doctor said by 9 months, reflux symptoms will be a thing of the past. *Hallelujah*

Sleep: Back in her crib! We’ve gotten into a night time routine so that’s helping. Naps are almost always taken in the swing.

Diet: BFing every 2 (sometimes I can stretch it to 3-3:30 hours (from 4am-8pm); Solids at brunch and dinner (usually whatever the solid of the week is for one meal; rice cereal/blend for the other)

Baby Gear Love: Mozart Magic Cube, First Years Take & Toss Bowls, Munchkin Spoons, Bumbo (with tray), Blocks…

Loves: Sitting up and playing with her toys, Eating, Talking, FaceTiming with family

Dislikes: There isn’t a whole lot she dislikes… she’s just cranky when she’s tired… or teething.

Milestones: Sits up (when we set her down), tries to scoot when seated, lots of reaching for things, sort of army crawl, grabs paci and puts it back into her mouth, lots of moving, can sit in a shopping cart

Parenting Fails: Nothing crazy aside from the typical “I set the baby down and she faceplanted”. We are currently working on how we react to her clumsiness. Lots of awkward laughter while we are secretly fearing that she broke every bone in her face. I also took her to the park and didn’t have a hat for her little bald head so I had to borrow Erin’s.

Parenting Successes: She has been happy with each new food introduction so that is super exciting!! We also took her swimming and she had such an amazing time. No tears. Just lots of splashing. 🙂


Looking forward to: That darn tooth!!

Goals for next month: Learning Words


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