Month Seven


I basically just abandoned this blog last month.

It was a whirlwind of a month. We packed up our things and headed over to grandma and grandpa’s house (my in-laws) and watched their house while they visited family in IL. Then a week or so after we settled back into our house, we packed up again and headed out to our first official family vacation – and spot of our babymoon – San Diego!

Speaking of family vacations… They are not the same thing as a vacation… at. all. It’s all baby’s schedule and feedings and exhausting. I mean, it was still amazing. We went to the San Diego Zoo, visited Seaport Village (my favorite place when I was a child growing up in SD), played in the ocean, and hung out with my mom. It’s a little rough taking a teething baby on vacation but totally achievable with lots of teething tablets. 🙂

I also needed to get over my fear of feeding in semi-public (outside my home or a closed door). We did most of our “on-the-go” feedings in the car and the windows were tinted. The grossest feeding…. that goes to the family bathroom feeding as I awkwardly sat on the toilet sweating trying to get her to eat a little something since the feeding area was on the opposite side of the park. We survived. Congrats us.

Oh and I had my first Mother’s Day. My Mother’s Day gift came a little early when I heard my little girl make out her first word… “MAMA”. I was overjoyed! I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know what it means but she says it… a lot. Now we are trying to get her to say DaDa. Hopefully I can get it to do it before Father’s Day!

Monthly Update:

Weight: 14 lbs (at home estimate)

Length: 25″ (at home estimate)

Diaper Size: 3

Clothing Size: 3 months onesies / 6 months everything else

Nicknames: P P (Erin’s new fav)

Health: A+

Sleep: So good!

Diet: Stretching those feedings to 3 hrs. Milk 5x a day; Solids 2x. I know I need to introduce a lunch feeding but is it terrible that I just want that time for our feeding session?

Baby Gear Love: Food pouches (This was our vacation savior)

Loves: Snuggling with her mom and dad, playing with brother (the dog), playing with toys

Dislikes: Teething

Milestones: Says Mama

Parenting Fails: I need to start writing these down lol. I always forget but I can promise there have been many.

Biggest fail this month may have been taking her to the beach, forcing her to put her feet in the cold ocean until she starts crying. Then I had the brilliant idea of covering her legs with sand. Fail.

Parenting Successes: Making it through vacation!

Looking forward to: These teeth!

Goals for next month: Saying “dada”, crawling


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