wth am i doing? stressed over baby food.

At our 6 month appointment, we talked with our doctor about our initial introduction to solids (purees 2x a day/new foods introduced every 3-4 days). I felt very secure in what we had been doing and our schedule until our doctor encouraged us to add an additional feeding for lunch.

I thought… say what?? I just started getting the hang of this schedule.

I talked with Erin about it following the appointment and we decided we would introduce the lunch time feeding at 7 1/2 months. Well, obviously that deadline has come and passed. Part of me didn’t really want to introduce the lunch feeding. It’s not that it’s inconvenient. It’s not that I didn’t want to prepare something or laziness… I guess I just have some sort of anxiety about it.

Loves her 'cados!

Loves her ‘cados!

A little part of me feels like the more I introduce new foods, the less she depends on me for feedings. We always follow solids with a nursing session but I guess a piece of me thinks that this is the beginning of the end. The idea that she’s growing up and needs more than I can offer her scares the crap out of me.

I really enjoy making all her food but I don’t really get the same satisfaction as exclusively breastfeeding. I mean, I always knew I wasn’t going to BF forever. lol I just wasn’t ready for the day when she no longer needs to be fed by me (which I know is still a while off). I know eating new foods makes her happy though. I can tell she enjoys the food I give her – err… most of the time. It’s fun for her to explore different textures and flavors. She’s always trying to get at our food so obviously she’s ready.

I always have been a little nervous about introducing table foods. It occurs to me on a daily basis that I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m always the type of person that needs to read/research everything before I make a move. I like to be very prepared. I am not very impulsive… at all. So being a new mom, this is a very difficult shift.

Plus, if you research this topic, it can be overwhelming. No salt because it can be dangerous. Don’t introduce certain berries (or nuts, or wheat, or corn, or milk, etc.)Β  or your baby can have an allergic reaction.Β  Honey can cause botulism. It sends my over analyzing mind into a tail spin!

Baby's First Noodles! I think I ate more of them than she did.

Baby’s First Noodles!
I think I ate more of them than she did.

I’m making an effort though and trying to pull it together. This week I gave Palmer whole grain pasta noodles. Most of them ended up in the boppy chair but it was successful.

I also purchased a couple of books so I’m hoping that will help me feel inspired. There is a great example of some feeding schedules for 6-8 month babies so maybe I’ll go off of that.

Wish me luck next week when I start our new schedule. [insert nervous emoji face]


3 thoughts on “wth am i doing? stressed over baby food.

  1. akw62307 says:

    I’ve been doing one feeding of solids in the evenings and need to add in a second. Trying to coordinate this isn’t easy, I can’t even imagine a 3rd feeding!

    • justaudrey says:

      Our current schedule is: Morning BF, Solids followed by BF, BF, BF, Solids followed by BF. All separated by 2-3 hours. It’s been the same for about 3 months so I feel super secure in it.

      In the books I’ve been reading, they mention to do the solids right in the morning. I think if I introduced it that way, an afternoon feeding would be easy.

      Change with a baby is hard!

      • akw62307 says:

        Change is hard! Ours right now is bottles at 5ish, 9, 12:30, 4 and 7:30. Solids at 6pm. I’d like to add in another feeding of solids about 10am and I’d really like to drop to 4 bottles but she’s so little and we’ve had eating issues so I’m afraid to drop the 5th bottle.

        Sometimes I just doubt myself with this whole parenting thing!

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