Sick Baby

P’s sick right now so that could be the cause of everything but the last week or so has been terrible! We always brag about how awesome of a sleeper she is to everyone that asks and I think all that smug behavior has come back to us ten fold.

Ahh curse you and your mouth for telling everyone how perfect your baby sleeps at night!!

This is the third absolute-nightmare-of-a-night we have had in the past week. The other days were bad but manageable. I feel so terrible for her. She is coughing and seriously congested. We can hear her struggling to breath through her tiny nose because of all the boogies. Luckily, her fever has gone. *Whoo Hoo!* Still, it takes us at least 2 1/2 hours to get her to bed, two nursing sessions and she is usually nursed to sleep. I wish their was a simple way to help her get over her little cold and get her back to sleeping like normal. When she’s sick she just wants to be held and to play in her room. Poor P!

That’s not the only issue we’ve had to deal with… our awesome eater has been picky… about foods she has already tried and loved! I tried giving her chunks of mango… denied. Pureed them… denied. Then the next day tried giving her pieces of kiwi… denied. Pureed kiwi… denied. It’s so weird!

In exciting, developmental news, we are (re)starting to introduce Palmer to drinking water from a straw. We tried doing this last month and failed. She doesn’t even really do well with the normal sippy cup but I read this great article and I’m ready to tackle this new skill. We only started with steps 1-3 (P wasn’t really into it today). I’ll keep you posted on how it goes in the next week or so. I discovered the article on Your Kid’s Table. I love this blog! They have amazing posts on introducing table foods, sensory stuff and so much more.

Oh one last weird thing that may or may not be so weird… P has been shaking her head “no” all the time. Well not every second but if we make a silly noise like “ahhhhhhhhh”, she’ll look at us and shake her head no. I think it’s just her telling us to stop and/or just being a baby but it makes me a little nervous sometimes. It started around 7 months and she did it occasionally but it’s definitely happening more frequently. Of course when I looked it up, everyone is immediately talking about autism (because that’s the first thing people jump to nowadays). I plan on talking with my pediatrician about it but I wasn’t sure if anyone else was experiencing the same thing with their LO. It mainly happens when we do something silly.

Well, P is asleep so I should take advantage of this quiet time before she inevitably wakes up in the middle of the night and we do this whole “try and get palmer to bed” dance all over again.

PS – I’m super proud of myself because this is the third post I’ve done this week. That is like a huge milestone given I can barely post my monthly update on time. Hopefully I can keep this up!


2 thoughts on “Sick Baby

  1. Mamma says:

    Aw, poor bubs, and also you, hope she feels better soon! My little girl also shakes her head, and it freaked us out in the, but when my husband noticed that she will do it back to us if we do it, followed by heaps of giggles we figured it is just a new skill she is testing out, not an autism sign. I would not worry, from what I have gathered it is completly normal☺

    • justaudrey says:

      Thanks!! She usually does it when we are playing, tired or if we tell her something she doesn’t like (time for bed) so I’m sure it’s fine but it’s definitely weird the first couple of times we saw it. I figured it would be good to bring up at our wellness check next month.

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