Baby Proofing


There’s nothing like seeing your baby crawling everywhere to realize how unsafe your house is… DANGER EVERYWHERE!!


look ma – one hand!!

Today, I was doing some free play with Palmer. Basically this means that Mommy hangs out on the bed and watches P explore the bedroom on the floor. This has been going wonderful because I feel like it gives her the opportunity to be independent in a very controlled environment without me interfering too often.

So back to the story… Palmer was crawling around and I swear, I looked at my phone for TWO SECONDS and back at her and she was putting a mechanical pencil down her throat. *Mother of the year* I tried to remain calm as I said, PALMER…. Danger! and quickly removed the hazardous item from her mouth. When did she start moving so quickly?! And how do they find these things!? I swear, I didn’t even know we owned a pencil!

It’s been on my to-do list for a while now… baby proofing. Ugh. It just doesn’t sound like very much fun. We’ve been putting off baby proofing for several reasons:

1. We honestly didn’t realize she would be mobile this quickly.

2. I really didn’t want to buy all the pieces and install them.

3. I’m the ultimate procrastinator.

4. It’s incredibly overwhelming. There are so many solutions for common baby danger scenarios!

Our first baby proofing issue is in the kitchen. We don’t have hardware (pulls or knobs) on any of our cabinets… and we have a lot of cabinets. She’s already tried getting into the cabinet so the kitchen is currently off limits. The only option we initially had was to purchase either the type of locks that screw into the cabinet (which we don’t want since we eventually want to sell this place) and the magnetic lock system (which would be costly to do all the cabinets). We also looked at the Dual Action Multi-Use Latch system, which is super cool and we may still use in some areas of the house, but it’s kind of an eyesore to be all over our kitchen.

So I thought about it and… *lightbulb* It would be less expensive for us to just purchase some hardware (which we planned on doing anyway later on) and then buying a little clip/fastener thing.

I wouldn’t mind the screw I know she can’t get up there (yet) but some drawer locks would be nice (is that different than the cabinet locks?). Outside of that,Β  we need some outlet plug covers, foam bumper stuff for the coffee table, corner bumper things for our fireplace and something to lock the oven/oven drawer. I am a little on the fence about some other random baby proofing areas… like the toilet. OH, and possibly a power strip cover. See what I mean by overwhelming??

I spent some solid time on Amazon looking at different options and came up with my baby proofing list. I put it all together in a list: Baby Proofing Wish List.

We’re pretty lucky that a lot of our stuff is high up and away from her reach but I definitely think I might take a crawl around the house in order to see what I could be missing. I guess I’ll need to start securing our big cabinets to the wall soon so she doesn’t pull them down with her super baby strength. I guess for now she’ll have to just stick to play time in her room until I make it safe enough for her to roam.


BIG BUT NOT RELATED NEWS: On Sunday, P grabbed the spoon when we were feeding her and fed herself! Also, she’s like thisclose to clapping. She has a problem with cupping her hands but the motion is right! I don’t know.. maybe the cupped clap is how babies clap?


4 thoughts on “Baby Proofing

  1. Mary Mack says:

    GIRL! Wowww Never a DULL moment at your house. I commend you for your Energy, Spirit,
    and Always Ready to Attack what is Needed

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