Our Colorado Vacation

Erin found out he was scheduled to attend a conference in Colorado so we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our Southwest points and lap seat for baby’s first plane ride. The conference was in Colorado Springs but we planned on spending the final day in Denver.


We were super nervous but talked to our friend to get the scoop on how to travel with a baby. She’s been on 20+ flights with her son so I knew she would have all the best tips for us. I swear we asked her 100 questions but walked away so prepared. I’m going to put together a separate post with all her tips because they literally were lifesaving.


We scheduled our flights for typical nap times, which was awesome. Palmer completely slept through the entire first flight. We got off the plane and went to clip in our infant car seat and noticed our stroller was damaged! The car seat adapters on either side of the stroller were completely RIPPED OFF! We asked them to check the plane again and they couldn’t find it. I thought, okay… we’ll just buy replacement parts for that (about $40). After a further look at our stroller, we noticed the adapters were snapped off, destroying the area it snaps into and making it impossible to use in the future for the replacement parts or even the infant tray. WTF??!!

Then we had to move P over to the stroller and carry the infant car seat since they didn’t snap together which was very annoying and inconvenient. They handed me a card and basically suggested that we send Southwest a note and maybe they’ll give us a voucher since they didn’t cover strollers. Thanks. Nice to know that AFTER it’s broken.


So we finally were on our way to Colorado Springs. It was a pretty long drive (1 1/2 hours or so) and with a hungry baby, that’s no fun. We checked in and settled in for the week. Colorado is pretty but the weather was so crazy. It was hot one minute, raining the next, then random lightening strikes that came out of nowhere. Locals insisted that this was uncommon but I don’t believe them. lol P struggled to sleep. We were up most of the night trying to calm her down. It was a long couple nights. I basically had to swaddle her and sleep with her on the other bed just to get through the night. To put it nicely… it sucked.


The mountains are crazy. Driving around made me think about growing up in Washington. Everything was so green and CLEAN!


When we got there, I realized my screen was popping off so I made an appointment at the Apple store. Apparently, the iPhone 5 has a battery issue that causes it to swell and the screen will basically pop off. Thankfully, because it’s a manufactuer error, they replace the whole phone for free. While we were at the store, I entertained P with some PhotoBooth action. I was LOLing so hard while we were taking photos.


Erin had to work a lot this week so we really didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him until Friday afternoon. We decided to change our last night to a hotel in Denver and I’m so happy we did. Colorado Springs was kind of boring. Pretty but boring. The city was so much fun. We walked all around the place and tried lots of different restaurants.


The one place I really wanted to go while we were up there was the Coors factory. I just thought it would be so much fun! Luckily, we had a little bit of time on Saturday so we drove up to Golden and took the tour. P was awesome while we were waiting in line. Our stroller seat comes down so she was able to sleep while we were waiting in line. When she was up, she was a ham. Flirting and laughing with everyone in line. This girl LOVES to entertain. She’s so social.


Then we had to make our way to the airport. While we were on the tour, I got a text notifying me that our plane was delayed 2 hours. Kind of a bummer but we just accepted it and moved on. Little did we know this was the first notification of many that evening. My phone was blowing up with our departure time being pushed out. We were supposed to leave at 7:55pm. Our flight didn’t leave until 12:05am. We were not prepared to entertain a baby for this long period of time! I luckily located a family bathroom and was able to feed her a couple of times in the airport. Oh… and Southwest did NOTHING for the delay. We basically just had to accept it and move on. WTH!


tired and annoyed.

P slept a lot while we were waiting. That basically meant she was up the entire flight. Luckily she was super sweet and social (not crying). I had to get over my fear of breastfeeding in public and fed her during the flight. I was hoping it would get her to sleep… HAHA… not. The plane engines were loud and the lights were dimmed so it made me not feel as uncomfortable while I hid in the back and fed her.

My poor MIL had to pick us up at the airport after 1AM! P slept the entire car ride and was easily transferred into her bed when we got home. Phew! We were super lucky P was so awesome at the airport. It could have been much worse if she wasn’t in such a good mood.

Wish me luck while I contact Southwest and resolve this destroyed stroller situation.


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