Handmade with Lots of Love

It was my MIL’s birthday last week so P and I decided to make her something super special. I originally saw a baby sensory activity on Pinterest and thought it would make the perfect little gift! The blogger had her little boy sit on the ground and squish and smoosh away on the canvas wrapped in saran wrap. Presh. Plus it seemed effortless for the baby. This would be so easy for P.


Materials Needed: Canvas, Paint, Saran Wrap

Materials Needed: Canvas, Paint, Saran Wrap, An Alert + Happy Baby

We started by picking colors. I tried to remember some of the colors that were in my MIL’s house. Looking around her house now, I realize the colors didn’t really match her house at all but that’s okay. Also, I should have searched this before but I’m not sure if the paint I used was baby safe… probably not. If you plan to do this project, maybe use something baby safe. I just used what was in my house.


The next steps are simple: squirt the colors all over the canvas and cover it in saran wrap.


Finally, hand it over to your baby and watch her play. I helped her a little bit trying to encourage her to smoosh the colors. We smooshed them all over the place. Things started to get a little out of hand when Palmer mistook the art project for food and started eating it so things kind of ended after that and mommy finished smooshing.


We let it dry and a couple days later wanted to add a little signature. We decided to coat her little hands and feet and walk on the canvas. In my head, I thought it was going to be a breeze. LOL She was slipping and sliding all over the place. I strongly recommend having a bath ready to go before this part. It’s so messy and difficult to do when both you and baby are covered in paint. We rushed over to the tub, both completely covered in paint, and scrubbed it off our bodies. I was terrified P was going to eat all the paint because she can’t go longer than 2 seconds before she sticks her hand and/or foot in her mouth but we made it. Clean baby. Adorable painting. Side Note: Does my child ever wear clothes at home? lol


We paired it with a couple “behind the scenes photos” and it made for a great handmade birthday gift for grandma!


A little P-casso up on the mantle


7 thoughts on “Handmade with Lots of Love

  1. melodynichole says:

    Awesome idea Audrey! I was thinking of doing something similar for Liam’s big 0-1 birthday. It’s coming up so soon! Can’t wait to see what you have in store for Palmer!

  2. Lori says:

    I didn’t realize you used the wrap over the paint, I used to use that technique with my students in Art Class. A large painting like that hangs in the front office at my old school. I just love the painting thanks so much. MIL

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