A little #tbt to my 21st birthday. So. Freaking. Tan. Wall prints were subbed out for classy Tanquerey posters.

A little #tbt to my 21st birthday. So. Freaking. Tan. Wall prints were subbed out for classy Tanquerey posters.

August is my favorite month of the year. I love the heat and there is always a lot to look forward to in our house. August is a month full of birthdays and I love celebrating the people I love! I always joked growing up that the reason there were no national holidays in August was so it didn’t interfere with my birthday.

anxiously waiting to meet the little sweetie but looking terrible at 1am

anxiously waiting to meet palmer’s future BFF but looking tired at 1am

This year, August is even more special. Our BCFF (best couple friends forever) just welcomed their little baby girl into the world yesterday! It was so exciting. They have a HUGE family so we had a big party in the waiting room until she arrived. The baby is so adorable and mom was a champ. So excited for P and her new friend to grow up together.


Another exciting upcoming date is Erin’s birthday on the 16th. The 16th also is the beginning of the time period when Erin and I are the same age and he can’t call me old for being a year older. lol Then we finish off the month with my birthday. It’s is a big one this year… the big 3-0. Eek. I’m not super worried about turning 30 or being 30 or getting older. There are plenty of wonderful medical procedures that can keep me looking like a Real Housewive way into my old lady years. It’s just weird to actually be turning 30.

When we first talked about having a baby, I always wanted to have an August baby (not ideal in Arizona but whatever) because then all three of our birthdays would be in one month and we could have a big family celebration/trip. Super dorky but I thought it would be so fun. It obviously didn’t work out that way for our first baby so maybe we’ll just be something Erin and I do when the kid(s?) are moved out and we are just retired people.


Erin keeps asking me what I want to do for my birthday and what I want and really, I don’t know. I would be happy just doing something casual with friends and our little babies. I’m pretty blessed with what I have right now. I don’t really live life with a lot of wants. Maybe a nap every now and then lol

Maybe that’s the difference between being 20 and 30. I’m not looking to have a big party where I drink Red Bull-Cherry Vodka until the sun comes up. I have everything I could possibly want: a supportive husband, beautiful and healthy little baby, sweet and massive lap dog, incredible family and amazing friends.




3 thoughts on “HELLO AUGUST

  1. playinghousewi says:

    Happy almost birthday! I love your passion for birthdays… I refer to May, my birth month, as “maylissa”… Why shouldn’t one have an entire month to celebrate? Hope you have a wonderful celebration with your beautiful fam.

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