1st Birthday Planning

Now that we are nearly to ten months, I’m feverishly planning the ultimate 1st birthday for my little Peanut. In my pre-mom life, I planned beautiful, over-the-top events so I know a little birthday party shouldn’t be much pressure but it seems so darn difficult to make decisions! I think it may be more stressful because I want it to be perfect. I know she won’t even remember it but I will and I want her to love looking back on her first birthday pictures when she’s my age.

I started out on Pinterest. Duh. I would see something and think… YESSS…. totally doing this theme but then see something else that was wayy too adorable and wanted to change everything. After almost 2 months of searching, I had come up with some possible theme ideas:

  1. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star: Stars EVERYWHERE! Cute, doesn’t have to be super girly but would be girly.
  2. You Are My Sunshine: Incorporates my favorite color – yellow, super cute, happy.
  3. County Fair: Delicious food, fun little games for other kids, possible petting zoo action, pies.
  4. Ice Cream Party: Delicious, cute, lots of pastels, little ice cream topping station.

From there, I started a little Excel spreadsheet planning the possible details based on each theme. Sections included: invite, decor, thank you notes, tableware, food, dessert, drinks, games, and party favors. I only got a quarter through until I finalized my choice: county fair.

Erin and I first really hung out together (just the two of us) was at the state fair. It was down the street from our house (we were roommates) and I really wanted to go. We played games, ate fatty delicious food and rode the ferris wheel. Later on we confessed to each other that we really wanted to hold hands on the ferris wheel but we were both too shy. lol Since P was born on our anniversary, I think it would be a cute little tribute to that first unofficial date.


As much as I love a printed invite, I may just opt for a digital version. I plan to design it myself and just send it out with Evite.com. It’ll be a little custom but still inexpensive. Something with bunting and gingham.. still trying to figure out a color scheme. Between navy blue/pink or blue/red.



I want to incorporate some adorable straw bales, garland, gingham, scrappy pieces of fabric, and cutesy signs. I really want to find one of those wooden high chairs for the ever-so-famous “cake smash”.


One of the main sources of inspiration was this adorable party! Every detail is on point. :)

One of the main sources of inspiration is this adorable party! Every detail is on point. πŸ™‚

I found this one pin (above) and I swear this entire party was so ridiculously cute that it sealed the deal for me. The fruit in the little fruit baskets. LOVE. I also love the corndogs and watermelon. I was thinking of adding things like corn on the cob, potato chips, pretzels and maybe indian fry bread – a MUST HAVE at our state fair. For drinks, Coke in glass bottles, lemonade and of course, lots of water. It’s still a thousand degrees in October.



Ah yes, my favorite party essential. I’m a cupcake fanatic so I think that will be expected from all my friends and family. I may go with minis though. Flavor wise, I’m not quite sure. I would like to keep them fair-themed so possibly churro and caramel apple. I also REALLY want to make funnel cake but I’m afraid it won’t taste great if it’s not fresh and I don’t know if I really want to be frying away during my baby’s birthday. Or maybe I’ll just make funnel cake cupcakes. That may work too! Last but not least, the cake smash. To go with the theme, I really want to do a PIE smash. P loves blueberries so I think a blueberry pie with lattice crust would be ADORBS.



That night at the state fair, Erin must have spent like $40 trying to win me a goldfish in the pingpong/bowl game. I think they finally just gave us one at the end of the night. We went out that night and got fish food and everything but the fish died the next day. 😦 I would love to create this for the kids and give away little prizes of candy fish.

Other games that may be cute to include would be a tin can throw or a bean bag toss.



I’m torn on favors. I like the idea of either cotton candy (like above), kettle corn or little animal crackers. I also thought it might be cute to do a little “petting zoo” of sorts but get little stuffed farm animals and put a little fence around them so each kiddo could take one with them as they left.



Outfit Sources: 1 | 2 | 3

Oh-em-gee. I think this is the hardest thing to pick out. I really wanted something on theme but I’m not sure if I can find something that’s not super totally cheesy. So right now I’m stuck on three looks. I’m a sucker for a romper… especially a seersucker romper. It comes in a variety of colors but I would either go with red or pink. It’s ridiculously adorable and it can be monogrammed. LOVE.Then there is the super cute ivory dress. I like it because it’s a little more more “mature”… lol. It’s like.. “Hello, I’m one”. Next is the fun and playful scrap tutu. I would pair it with one of those super cute gumball necklaces and it would be perfect.

It’s just tough because Palmer is so small and it’s hard to find certain styles of clothes in baby sizes. If she was wearing/would be wearing 12 mo, it would be perfect, but we are still rocking 3 month onesies and 6 month clothes over here. As I am writing this I’m seriously cracking up. I can’t believe I’m stressing about what my baby is going to be wearing for her first birthday. Realistically, by the end of the day she’ll be just wearing a diaper so…

Note to future self: It’s Palmer’s birthday but you can cry if you want to.


3 thoughts on “1st Birthday Planning

  1. HappyFamily says:

    Love this post, especially love that I am not the only one with an excel for party planning. Looking forward to seeing photos of the final product. We did You are my sunshine for my daughter’s first birthday. I was never a yellow person but after the party I love yellow. So sweet you are paying tribute to your first date.

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