20 Facts About JustAudrey

Okay so I’m doing this… Day 2/30. I’ve been racking my brain to think of 20 facts that would be interesting enough to put up on here. I’m not quite sure if these are facts or just pure confessions. Is there really a difference? Without further delay, here we go.

1 – I never liked the name Audrey growing up because I thought it was an old lady name. I wished I could be a Jessica or Sara or Emily. I actually planned to change my name to Mallory when I turned 18 but I chickened out.


2 – I was born in San Diego. A little piece of my heart will always be there πŸ™‚

3 – My favorite color is YELLOW but you’ll usually find me wearing black.

4 – I’m terrified of snakes, and most other reptiles. They are the worst. I have finally built up the courage to look at pictures of snakes but I still struggle with seeing them on TV. In person – don’t even try.


5 – I graduated from Arizona State University. #godevils


6 – My favorite NFL team is the Green Bay Packers. My dad was born in Wisconsin and is a die-hard cheesehead. We have grown up loving the team since we were kids.

7 – I have 3 other brothers as well as 2 older half sisters and a older half brother.


8 – I have a 7-year-old boxer named Tyson – “my first baby”. He is the sweetest, most snuggly puppy ever.

9 – I love reality television. Like really love reality television. I stay up to date on all my favorite shows: RHO Beverly Hills & Orange County, Botched, Big Brother, Dance Moms, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, plus whatever random garbage I pick up in between.


10 – I talk about him all the time but I love my husband Erin! We started dating almost 10 years ago and have been married since May of 2012. We opted to elope in beautiful Santa Barbara on a super cute little sailboat.

11 – I love bloody mary mix. I used to drink extra spicy mix every morning in the first trimester of my pregnancy. I order bloody mary drinks everywhere we go but they are always virgin! Although I’m a sucker for a good vodka drink, I don’t like the alcohol in there. Just lots of toppings! The best one I’ve ever had was a dill pickle infused bloody mary mix at this little Denver breakfast restaurant called Syrup.

12 – My fast food guilty pleasure is Taco Bell. I’m seriously obsessed. I love all the new, weird launches they bring on and will most likely try anything on the menu.


13 – I worked in the salon industry for 8 1/2 years before choosing to stay at home with Palmer. Because of the industry, I have an addiction to luxury beauty products. My go-to beauty product: false eyelashes. They can help you look polished when you’ve only slept for 2 hours during crazy event season.

14 – I grew up in Washington State. And I HATED the rain. I dreamed of moving to somewhere warm where I never had to worry about sprinkles ruining my hair.

View More: http://ashleightaylor.pass.us/eloped--audrey--erin

15 – I can’t ever keep a secret from Erin and am the worst liar.

16 – Speaking of embarrassing secrets, I don’t know how to swim. Well I kind of do but have a terrible fear of drowning after a couple of swimming scares when I was a kid. I can doggy paddle or something but I can’t overcoming fully submerging my head in the water.


17 – My favorite animal at the zoo is the elephant. They have the sweetest little faces.

18 – When I was younger, I always dreamed that I would be a real estate agent. I thought it would be the coolest job.


19 – My favorite holiday is Easter. Mainly for the candy but it was always a really fun and special time in our house. I loved looking all around the house for my basket and helping my little brothers find theirs.

20 – I didn’t know how to cook before Pinterest. I literally only knew how to make things that came from a box and recipes involving hard-boiled eggs. Since experimenting with Pinterest recipes, I feel way more confident in my cooking skills! A little bit of me dances inside when Erin tells me what I made for dinner is “the best thing I’ve ever had” and that he could eat it at least once a week.


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