My Proudest Moment(s)

I honestly couldn’t pick just one. I have three pivotal moments in my life that gave me the feels.


Duh. Obviously one of the most moments of my life. Never have I ever felt so calm (it might have been all the drugs though). It was from that moment that my life changed forever and I started living for myself. I know that I can’t give her the best if I am not giving myself a chance to do what makes me happy. So here I am now, snuggling with her and discovering what it’s like to be a new mom!



College graduation was such a huge moment in my life. I had overcome so many obstacles in order to make it happen. My college experience was not like many of my friends. I worked hard to cover the costs of my extra out-of-state tuition. I worked 40+ hours a week and jammed all my classes into 2 days, in addition to online classes, to take the max class load allowed. I didn’t get to do all the fun social things but that’s okay, I’ll take the lessons I learned during that experience any day. Hard work pays off. Getting that little piece of paper was the greatest pat on the back and my first taste of what it’s like to accomplish a professional goal. I was the first person in my family to graduate so it was really a huge achievement. I wanted to set a good example for my little brothers and show them they can make their dreams come true. I always like to brag and say I put myself through school but really, I had the support of all my family, Erin’s family, close friends and most of all, Erin. Without their support, I don’t know if I could have been so strong.


This is kind of a silly one but my last event that I worked on before fully deciding to just stay home and raise Palmer was very memorable. My last boss has extremely high expectations. It’s very hard to impress her. She was selected as the chair of a very important charity fundraiser that we had supported in a very major way for several years. I had always had a very major hand in all the collateral but with me being on maternity leave, it was kind of in the air. When I returned for a couple weeks in January, a lot needed to be done. There was a little bit of a concept in mind but nothing had been ordered so we were in crunch time (the event was only a month or so away). I worked very hard organizing all the details for the design and it was definitely difficult juggling this major event and my little newborn. Knowing they needed help, I told her I would continue working from home until the event to ensure it was a success.


When I stood at the back of the room before the doors opened to the ballroom, I was in awe. Normally events had me on edge but there was this incredible peace within me. My boss came in the room and just said WOW. She was blown away. It was the first event she didn’t want to change something or unhappy with some part of the room. The design was exactly what she wanted. They say you should always leave on top and that moment, I knew my job was done and going home to Palmer was the right decision.


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