What’s In My Bag


Continuing with the blogging challenge, I’m diving in to a disastrous topic… what’s in my bag.

Now if I really did the true-to-life version and not the slightly edited image above, you would see a mess of old Target receipts, probably some tic tacs floating around in the bottom and about 1000 pens. Since this is the internet and everything is a bit more pulled together here, I’ve selected some of my musts that can always be found on me.

I have two bags and they are both a wreck. I bought my Kate Spade diaper bag when I thought I completely set in my mind that we were having a boy. I always joked that I could tie a pink ribbon around it if by chance we ended up having a girl. Well, we know how this one turned out but I never got that silly sash.

My diaper bag contains the obvious… diapers and my favorite Kirkland wipes but we have a few can’t-leave-without items too. Puffs are a must in our house and the vanilla kinds are my favorite. They taste like vanilla cupcakes and I can eat about a million of them (1/2 a cup and only 25 calories… SCORE!). Oh and Palmer likes them too. Also found in the diaper bag is a swaddle, P’s sunglasses, baby headbands galore, Hyland’s Teething Tablets and Aquaphor. I also carry around 3 nipple shields to feed P. I always hoped we could break her from that habit but we didn’t so everywhere we go, they go.

My regular “purse” is a backpack. I switched over to backpacks a couple of years ago and I LOVE them. I purchased this mint one at Target when I dressed up as Baby Spice for a birthday party. I can’t leave home without a couple of sticks of Burts Bee chapstick (I’m always losing it), my sunglasses, a lightning cable and charger stick, my eye glasses, lip gloss, and hand sanitizer. Surprisingly, the thermometer isn’t for Palmer. I’ve always carried a thermometer with me because I’m a bit of a hypochondriac and taking my temperature puts me at ease. I guess it also helps when you have a baby. lol

I also have the obvious must-haves… my wallet, car key, and cell phone. I also take my old iphone EVERYWHERE. I’m a game-aholic. I love app games so my old phone is packed with different games from regular Angry Birds/Candy Crush types games to Sims and Clash of Clans. When you see that phone coming out, it’s usually a sign that I need to check on my village. *How embarrasing…* I also carry around a planner. I can not for the life of me understand how to use the calendar on my phone. I need to be able to write things down. Erin always teases me about it but it makes my life so much easier. Everything is in there… lists and dates and birthdays.

And that’s it! A little peak into the chaos that I carry around on a daily basis. ๐Ÿ™‚


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