Our Elopement Vacation (aka – The Best Vacation of My Life)


Hands down, my favorite vacation has to be our trip to California in 2013. Our plan was to road trip and spend a couple of days in Santa Barbara, then finish with a couple days in the happiest place in the world… Disneyland!!

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The reason why this trip was my favorite is because we had a very special mission in mind… GET MARRIED! After putting off our wedding for what seemed like forever (2 years), we decided to just save the costs and splurge on an amazing vacation instead. We asked our friends to be our officiant and witness and booked a little sailboat as our venue. It was beautiful.

Our first day, we had to get our marriage license. The Santa Barbara Courthouse is GORGEOUS! Honestly, I wouldn’t have been embarrassed to have a little courthouse wedding there. Then we celebrated the rest of the day and had a little bachelor/bachelorette party in downtown Santa Barbara. It basically turned into a bar crawl and we all drank wayyyy too much.


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The next day was our wedding (May 1) and I was HURTING. Too many gummy bear shots. I was hungover and extremely dehydrated. We went on with the day with blowouts, makeup and then headed to the beach for our first look photos. I was so nervous to see Erin but I was so excited. After photos on the beach, we set sail on the water. It was sooo rocky. We said our vows and were married just off the pier at sunset.

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The next day we popped back over to the courthouse to pick up our marriage license before heading off to Beverly Hills. We enjoyed Sprinkles ice cream and got pictures by the Hollywood sign (I was so excited). We also drove by Sur! I’ve admitted my reality television addiction and I LOVE Vanderpump Rules. Everyone wanted to go in and get a drink but I had a serious case of anxiety about coming face-to-face with my fav reality tv stars that we had to leave. As we drove off, I saw Stassi, Kristen and Katie outside smoking. I was like a nervous wreck. We dropped off our friends at the airport and headed to our next stop: Disneyland.

IMG_7309 IMG_7331

The last couple days in California were a blur. It was non-stop, go-go fun at Disneyland and California Adventure. I like to make the most of my Disney time with jam packed rides. Erin prefers to take it easy.

I won and we did not take it easy. We ran all over the park trying to get fast passes for all our favorite rides like Indiana Jones and Space Mountain. OMG… the Cars ride was AWESOME! I can’t wait to go back someday with Palmer. She’s going to have such a magical time. πŸ™‚

After two full days of amusement park fun, we were exhausted and ready to head back home. It was so nice just to enjoy a week together. The key to our relationship has always been our ability to have fun and laugh together. This vacation made it official: we were finally husband and wife!



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