Favorite Childhood Book


IMG_5509I LOVED reading as a kid. I used to be super shy so escaping through all these adventurous characters was really exciting for me. I spent almost every year attending young writer’s conferences and other dorky book-related clubs. We always had to prepare some sort of book or chapter or something to bring and share with others. My first book, The Adventures of Tilly and Lovely, was a hit (in my family). A beautiful story illustrating an amazing friendship between Tilly, a little leprechaun, and her BFF Lovely, a little bunny. They play all all day until super late and their parents get worried until they discover them asleep under their favorite hangout spot, a shady tree.


One of my favorite books growing up was Ferdinand. If you haven’t read it, it’s about a gentle bull that enjoys spending his time under a shady tree smelling flowers. He gets picked to compete in a bull fight and refuses to fight back against any of the agitators. Instead, he just peacefully sits in the center of the stadium smelling the flowers from the female spectator’s hair. Realizing he wasn’t going to put on a show/fight, they finally send him back to pasture and he went back to his favorite spot, smelling all the pretty flowers.

I don’t know why exactly it was my favorite book. I guess it was because Ferdinand was so sweet and cute. I loved that he wasn’t bothered by everyone else around him and just did what made him happy. I loved all the illustrations in the book, especially when he gets stung by a bee. His face is priceless. 🙂

IMG_5502My other favorite book as a kid (and still one of my favorites until this day) is Tears of a Tiger. I’ve read the book so many times that it’s completely fallen apart. The story surrounds a group of high school basketball players who go out drinking after a big win. The story smacks you in the face right away as the main character causes his best friend’s death in a drunk driving accident.

The story follows with a variety of different formats from the different character’s perspectives like diary entries, narratives and articles. The book ends with more tragedy as the main character decides to end his life following guilt and depression.

It’s heavy.

Watching all those characters rise and fall was such a roller coaster ride for me. I loved that it started out quickly and was always fresh with new voices entering to tell their perspective. I honestly could read this book a million times and never get bored.


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