Ten Months


Stop. Can you believe my little Peanut is actually 10 months old?? She’s like a real little person now with TONS of personality. I have to say, I’m a little terrified for her to get older and start talking because girlfriend has a lot of attitude. I’m hoping this is just a phase and she’ll just be sweet. I’m super nervous if she’s this sassy now, what should I expect when she’s two or three??


OMG. Big news… we’re breaking ground on our FIRST TOOTH. It’s about time right?? Bottom right is working it’s way through and I can see bottom left will join the party soon. I also think her top teeth will follow shortly. She’s been a monster through the teething process. I’m super excited to see her little toothy grin.

It seems like she’s kind of stalled with the walking thing. She doesn’t seem as interested to walk around with us and is more interested in crawling around. She doesn’t show an initiative in trying to stand up on her own. She does stand up a lot but it’s when she can use things around her to pull up. I don’t know if that’s beginning stages or what. Also, when we walk around the house with her, she’s getting a bit lazy and just waits for us to guide her. If we stop guiding, she basically just drags herself. We just bought her an activity walker on Amazon and it comes this week so we’ll see if that helps out.

Monthly Update:

Weight: 14 lbs, 11 oz (down slightly from last month – idk.. how does this happen? from scale at dr’s office)

Length:Β 26.5β€³ (at home measure)

Diaper Size: 3

Clothing Size: I feel like a broken record but we’re still wearing some 3 month clothes. I recently discovered how adorable some of her 3 month dresses look with little pants so a lot of them are back into rotation. I also have her wearing 3 month t-shirts. Everything else is 6 months.

Nicknames: Little P, Peanut, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Butts (short for butter)

Health: Another good month. We did recently go to the doctor after she broke out in a rash. Apparently it was just a little viral rash following 3 days of a slight fever.

Sleep: SOLID. Takes 2 naps a day (and sometimes they are unswaddled)

Diet: Still sticking to our 3 solids and 5 breastmilk feedings. We tried so many new foods this month like donuts, bacon, string cheese, beans, rice, corn, ice cream, sausage, berries (strawberries & raspberries), and yogurt.

Baby Gear Love: Ball rattle, small football, wubbanubs

Loves: Giving KISSES (closed mouth), snuggling, hanging out with Tyson, giving Tyson yogurt during lunchtime, meeting new people, scrambled eggs

Dislikes: Teething and when you try and stick your finger in her mouth/look inside her mouth for potential teeth

Milestones: Gives kisses, stood on her own for 5 seconds, climbing, soooo fast at crawling, shares

Parenting Fails: This month we struggled with our klutsy family. I’m fairly sure Palmer will follow in her parent’s footsteps and be as graceful as a baby giraffe. She ran into a lot of things this month. Like coffee tables… all. the. time. She bounces back like a champ though. Minor crying and then back to whatever activity she was doing. So maybe this is a fail and success??

Parenting Successes: I made it through a night out without the baby! Erin watched Palmer while I danced the night away at the Taylor Swift concert. Even though I love hanging out with my baby, I really enjoyed a couple hours away to have a fun sort-of adult (amongst all the tweens) night out. Erin enjoyed a dad night in with one of his buddies.

Looking forward to: These little teeth! Walking maybe?

Goals for next month: Blowing Kisses


3 thoughts on “Ten Months

  1. akw62307 says:

    Aww she is so freaking adorable! That little tooth is so cute! Seems we’re both in the small baby boat…my little girl is 14 lbs at 8 months. Your schedule is similar to ours, we do 5 bottles of formula and 2 solids a day. I should add in more solids and table food but I’m just scared of her putting stuff in her mouth.

    • justaudrey says:

      Aww thanks! It’s definitely strange getting used to her feeding herself. I still do a ton of purees. We have a pretty regular schedule of applesauce mixed with rice cereal for breakfast, greek yogurt with some fruit for lunch and then some either blend of purees and solid food or new food introduction at night for dinner. I remember Palmer really got excited about feeding herself around 8 months. Try something really soft like steamed broccoli.

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