What’s Inside My Fridge

wpid-2015-04-18-20-03-376OM embarrassing…. I honestly saw this subject when I first started the challenge and planned to clean up the fridge and clean up some of the random stuff inside so it didn’t look like a disaster but this is real life.

Full disclosure: I did clean up a little bit. There were like 500 things of tupperware and most of it was sooo old so it had to go. I did leave the pizza box because there is a 10% chance Erin may eat the last slice (it’s from Sunday).

IMG_5528Here it is… in all it’s embarrassing glory. No, this is not a Cribs edition fridge. It’s definitely a normal, boring fridge.

To dive a little deeper on the fridge side, we have all our essentials. I can say with 100% certainty that basically all the fresh/healthy items in the fridge are for Palmer. The butter though… that’s all mine.


I just went to the grocery store so there is a new thing of greek yogurt, raspberries, tons of veggies and new fruits, string cheese and packets of yogurt for on-the-go. I just bought some almond milk to dunk my new Brownie Batter Oreos into and more eggs. We LOVE eggs. We used to go through like a carton a week. Erin also loves Arnold Palmers so we always have a thing of Simply Lemonade and Gold Peak Ice Tea in the fridge.

The bottom drawer has turned into an Erin only drawer and is completely filled with beer. Lovely that it’s the closest for Palmer to reach into and pull out. Oh and broccoli. That must be a mistake.


The freezer side is basically a milk storage area. See all those plastic grocery bags?? Filled with milk. The top shelf is filled with all the regular freezer stuff like tons of ice cream, bacon and chicken breasts. We also have more ice packs than any one person should ever need… PLUS… we have extra bags of frozen peas to be used for any other bumps and bruises that may pop up. We are super clumsy people.


That’s a look inside our fridge. Sad looking really. I was just telling Erin tonight that I want to get back into the habit of cooking and planning out meals. I was on a roll a month or so ago but this heat has made it unbearable to cook in the house. I may just go with crockpot meals until the weather starts to cool down. Maybe then we will actually have some ingredients in our house… or maybe just another 500 things of leftover containers.


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