Healthy Habits



Erin’s #1 rule is always to drink tons of water. It’s Arizona. Freaking hot. Water is a must. You’ll always see Erin walking around with his blue Nalgene water bottle. It’s glued to him at all times. He fills that sucker up like 100 times a day.

I on the other hand struggle with remembering to drink water. To be honest, it’s boring to me. I’ve tried infusing water with fruit but it’s just not exciting enough for me. I did get a big gulp sized water bottle from the hospital after I had P and it’s been a lifesaver. I fill it up all the time and drink at least a couple a day (huge improvement).

Not only is drinking water great to lose weight, it’s also amazing for your skin! A well-hydrated body gives you a nice glow and helps with those make-up free days. πŸ™‚

my weakness

my weakness

2 – Don’t completely restrict yourself. Indulge sometimes!

I fully believe in not completely cutting yourself off from your favorite foods. You like cookies? Have a cookie. Just don’t eat cookies all day, every day. You want some ice cream? Have some ice cream. Just not a gallon at a time. When you completely cut yourself off, there is a higher chance of you binging on it later.


3 – LAUGH! A lot.

The number one key to a healthy life… laughing! It decreases stress and releases endorphins making you feel awesome. People who feel awesome accomplish more and enjoy the world around them. Plus, you can skip an ab workout when you have those big belly laughs!


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