5 Years From Now

I’m not great at the long-term goals but I will certainly give this a shot.

My Kindergarten photo... I promise P won't be in a silly Cosby sweater for hers!

My Kindergarten photo… I promise P won’t be in a silly Cosby/chipmunk sweater for hers!

In five years, P will be almost 6 and starting Kindergarten! Isn’t that insane to think about?? We will also have one other little munchkin (hopefully a little boy) running around. Our days will be filled with dance classes and soccer games.

I will be working again… in a career I love and that will allow me to still be able to be there for all the important moments at home.

We will be moved into our forever home. I’ll probably be crazy trying to redecorate every couple months with new curtains or something (I can’t seem to leave well enough alone).

Erin and I will be celebrating 15 years together! We will be having just as much fun in five years as we do now! We will have time for more vacations and Erin’s travel will lighten up.

I will master how to create the perfect cat eye. I will figure out how to grill a steak without overcooking it. I will also be able to navigate around my sewing machine without having to look at a bunch of YouTube videos.

I can’t imagine life will be much different… maybe a little busier. Lots of adventure and more love! I’m ready for it. πŸ™‚


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