Knowledge Is Power


Education is super important to our family. It literally pays our bills. (Erin has worked in education for almost 8 years!)

When I was growing up, I LOVED school. Like way more than the average kid. When I wasn’t at school, I was forcing my brothers to play school with me. I would teach different courses, assign worksheets and actual homework. Needless to say, they were begging for recess.

Back-to-school shopping was my favorite time of year (and it wasn’t for clothes). I still get super excited when I see those displays of pens, notebooks, markers, folders… everything. My favorite back-to-school item?? POSTER BOARD! I cannot even explain how excited I am for P to start school so I can help with projects.


i LOVED these!! I think I preferred these over other toys… unless it was a Barbie.

As I grew older, I always knew I wanted to go to college. My parents never had the opportunity to go and, as the oldest of four kids, I knew it was important to set a good example for my little brothers. I grew up so much while I was in college. I learned to be independent and think creatively when put in a difficult situation. It was more than just a piece of paper for me. It made me a much stronger woman and taught me self worth.

Education definitely doesn’t end when you graduate. It definitely doesn’t just come from a book. You have the opportunity to learn every day from everyone around you. So… what have you learned today??!!

FYI – This weekend, I learned how to take apart a toilet and replace it’s flusher parts! (I’m still trying to figure out why it’s still leaking…)


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