But first… Let me take a selfie.


I used to be selfie obsessed. It wasn’t even something I shared on social media… just something I would do when I was alone. Like take 30 pictures in a row. My phone storage would always be full with all these random photos of my hair or some variation of a duck face. Not. Cute. My iPhoto library is beyond embarrassing.

Since Palmer has been born, my selfie game is basically done. I just don’t take photos of myself anymore. It’s almost always with others or of others.

Normally, with my control freak ways, I would show a photo of this and pretend like I’m like this all the time. Put together. Hair and lash game on fleek. Makeup done. This was me.. pre-baby of course.


Things definitely change and now I’m more like this…

IMG_4581The last “selfie” I’ve taken. I have some makeup on (mascara is usually a must but I won’t put it on if I’m not leaving the house) so that’s huge but other than that, I’m just hanging out. My hair is almost always in a messy bun on top of my head or a pony tail.

I feel like I’ve taken a complete 180 into this new world of being a mom. I’m still figuring out how to dress and look post-baby, especially since I don’t have to go to work every day. It’s a tough transition. Image was such an important part of my old position that it’s a little strange just not to think about it. I’ve been looking a lot at Pinterest and blogs trying to identify some sort of mommy-friendly style and I’m still kind of lost. I need to break out of my work out pants and jacket look because I know it’s just giving off the vibe “I’ve given up” but it’s comfortable for me. I know a balance exists somewhere… I just need to figure it out.


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