The Whining Game

So Palmer has just recently discovered how to whine… and she does it all the time. She’s been awesome lately but this fake whining is OOC. It usually happens when she’s tired but she’ll do these little crocodile tears and pouty little mouth.


I tried to capture the super pouty face but she swings her body around so everything was blurry.


IMG_5564 She’s so darn cute that it works like 90% of the time. I’m usually pretty quick though and get her napping shortly after her little theatrical display of emotion.

After the nap, I tried introducing a new activity to her: coloring! I LOVE coloring so I thought it would be a fun little activity for me to teach her/show her. I was hoping we could work on something and give it to Erin to hang in his office or something. Unfortunately, this did not happen as planned.


She spent nearly the entire time eating the crayons (they are safe to put in their mouth, right??) and trying to get out of the Bumbo so it was a slight fail today. I’m going to try again tomorrow and see if we can get a bit further. I think I might need to have her practice some more with utensils since she’s not really interested in gripping it.


Anyone have any great activity ideas for 10/11 month olds??


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