big baller dreams

wpid-2015-04-18-20-03-376Erin and I were JUST talking about this the other day. Oh how crazy it would be to win the lottery. We decided that for sure we wouldn’t want to win one of those mega lottery jackpots. Like the $389 million jackpot? No thanks.

Winning that amount of money almost guarantees you are going to be featured on “How The Lottery Changed My Life”… and those stories NEVER end well. Mo’ money, mo’ problems.

I’d be okay with winning one of those $5000/week for life scratchers or a cool $20 million Powerball. I mean seriously… it’s still a lot of money but it’s not like you can help out everyone in the world money. (Maybe the $20 million but you know what I mean)

So, back to today’s post.. if I won the lottery, I wouldn’t do anything super extravagant.

  1. Pay off whatever debt we have left
  2. House Upgrade (Move into our forever home) & Furnish It
  3. Buy a SUV to replace my truck – I’ve had the same little Ford Ranger for-ev-er. The AC doesn’t work (IN ARIZONA) and it’s just an old little pickup truck. *UPGRADE*
  4. Family vaca to Hawaii – Erin has always wanted to go so we would make his Hawaiian dreams come true with a nice little vacation to the islands.
  5. College Fund for P
  6. INVEST.
  7. And maybe a really super small amount for a tiny shopping spree to update my wardrobe… and maybe the clothes don’t have to be from the Target athletic area.

So that’s it. That’s all we would do. Erin might want to take some and splurge on some golfing stuff… maybe a country club membership.

I know we’ll complete all the items on the above list but the lottery win will definitely speed that process up. You can’t win if you don’t play. πŸ™‚


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