chalk paint leaning mirror

love. love. love

love. love. love

I have this little space in my dining/random room off of our kitchen that I’ve been dreaming of nestling a leaning floor mirror into for the perfect #ootd pictures. Problem is… most floor mirrors are more than I want to spend on this project.

I did find an awesome mirror at Costco at a good price! Only $99! It comes in four styles. Personally, I liked the Soho. It’s more of a rustic look with some cool details. They even had the mirror on sale for $79 recently! That’s an incredible price for a mirror of that size!

costco floor mirror

the soho

Something in my gut told me to hold out and not purchase it (and it wasn’t erin’s constant reminder that we didn’t need it RIGHT. NOW.). So I patiently waited for the universe to give me a sign that it was time to buy a mirror.

Months went by. Lots of months. I emptied out the tiny nook to prepare it for whatever beautiful mirror would eventually fill the space. And it sat there empty…. until…

One day I was casually browsing the various Swip Swap groups I belong to on Facebook and there it was… the mirror. Best part… $40!!! It was larger than the one at Costco and not exactly the same look but I knew it would work. The post was popular and had a list of Takes and Nexts but I remained optimistic. I added my “Next” and crossed my fingers that all the other people would flake out. No news.

"the mirror"

“the mirror”

It had been a couple of days with no pending pickup update so I figured I would give it a shot. I tagged the poster and asked if it had been picked up because I still wanted it if it was available. Hours later I received a notification, “It’s available but you’ll have to wait until I’m back in town again.” Um yes, I can wait.

Picking it up was so exciting. I was like beaming with joy. I can’t believe I’m so excited about a silly mirror. I basically wanted to hug it when I picked it up. It fit perfectly snug in the back of my tiny Ford Ranger. We got it home and put it directly into its new home.


I knew it needed a little updating so I decided just to chalk paint it with some leftover Annie Sloan Paris Grey paint. Two coats and a layer of wax later, it’s exactly what I wanted!


Next up, baby proofing it to the wall. Add that to the baby proofing list. I guess right now shouting “ACK” and pulling P away from the mirror will have to work.


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