all you need is… shoes


Anyone else have a hard time posting on WordPress today?? I wasn’t able to actually post my blog until now so I had to prep my 30 Day Blogging Challenge post in word. 😦

Instead of taking you on an adventure of a sea of black workout pants and Target hoodies, I decided to focus on the most colorful part of my closet: SHOES! This is just a little snippet of my shoe closet because I really wanted to focus on my high heels.


I despise being short. I always thought I would be tall but, unfortunately, stopped growing at 5’5″. I swear I was destined to be at LEAST 5’8″… didn’t happen though. I totally know 5’5″ isn’t short but it’s not tall. It’s just kind of… average. When I was a busy working woman, I could and would wear any heel. Anything to make me taller. High heels made me feel beautiful, feminine and confident.

BUT… I traded in my stilettos for flip flops the day that my feet started to swell from pregnancy, and I haven’t looked back.


I still break out some of my favorite high heels during a party or something small but I am fully aware that I can’t hang like I used to in them. I used to be able to set up for an event and be up on my feet in 5 inch stilettos with no problem. I always loved using my shoes as a way to add color into my all black work uniform that we had. I felt like it was the only way to brighten up my look.

Looking at all of them, I’m reminded of all the fun places these shoes have traveled and the amazing things I have done in them. Man… if those shoes could talk, they would have a lot of dirt on me. 😉



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