so embarrassing

wpid-2015-04-18-20-03-376In my entire lifetime, I’m sure I have tons of super embarrassing moments.

IMG_1614 IMG_1611One time at a bachelorette party (after about a million gummy bear shots), I challenged a drag queen/Lady Gaga impersonator to a dance off. If you want to know how it ended, I lost.


post puking glow


There is also that time I decided to drink the night before my wedding, was super dehydrated, brought no water on board the sailboat (only champagne) and spent five minutes dry heaving off the bow immediately following saying “I do” while everyone watched and my husband snapped photos. Classy.

stealandshare19feb8But I have to say, my most embarrassing moment is a work one. Many years ago, I worked as a front desk girl at a hair salon. It was part of our weekly duties to clean the retail shelves every Wednesday. I actually loved this task because it made the day go by super fast and I LOVE playing/organizing products.

So one day, I was wearing some super-on-trend stretchy black gaucho pants (it was 2006) and stepping up and down the ladder to reach the products on the top shelf. It was a busy day in the salon and our lobby area was full of people. As I stepped down to set down some product, my foot snagged my pants and before I knew it, my pants were around my ankles.

My face turned bright red as I quickly bent over to pull up my pants but mooned the lobby in the process. It was sooo embarrASSing. Thank goodness I don’t work there anymore because people would tease me about my dress code nightmare. Those pants were quickly put away, never to see the light of day on Wednesdays in the salon.


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