confession time

wpid-2015-04-18-20-03-376Day 29… Time to confess.

So this is a terrible story. Like super terrible. Only a handful of people know about it because saying it out loud makes me feel like an awful parent. Be prepared… this is a very disgusting post and it makes me sick even writing it.

So Palmer and I had just gotten back from a Shake, Rattle & Roll library class and we were just hanging out. At the time, our dining room area was a mess as we had 2 tables in it with a bunch of chairs all over the place. I set P in her room and desperately had to pee. As I ran to the bathroom, P started coming out of the room and wandering around. I didn’t think it was a big deal as she regularly roamed throughout the house with no problems.

A couple seconds later, I heard this weird noise. “Ack, ack”… I called out for Palmer and heard it again… “Ack, ack”. I quickly rushed to get over to her to discover her sitting on the floor with a handful of dog poop in one hand, poop on her leg and poop on her face.


That’s right. My perfect princess was eating dog shit.

I could not believe that my dog pooped in the house and I didn’t know about it. It was hidden amongst the sea of chairs and tables and I literally didn’t see (or smell!!) it. How? I have no idea. I still don’t. It wasn’t even a minute that she was roaming around but it was right around the corner from her room so she had plenty of time to get a nice handful.


I rushed over to pick her up, fish hooking the yuckies out of her mouth and wash her hands while simultaneously running a bath. I tried my best to rinse our her mouth to ensure I got everything out. Then, I got her undressed, put her in the bath and washed her little baby body until I could be sure that no more poop remained on her beautiful porcelain skin.


The next obvious step was to google my mishap (in incognito of course). I’m not the first to run into this problem. Apparently there are a lot of terrible parents out there who let their baby eat dog poop. Google said that it’s pretty harmless but you should watch your baby for 24-48 hours so that to make sure there is no change in normal routine. If anything seems to be off, you should call your pediatrician and they will evaluate them to make sure they don’t have some parasite or something. We didn’t have any problems so thank goodness I didn’t have to call our doctor to make sure she was okay.

So that’s it. That’s my confession.


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