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With no daily challenge, I have nothing to keep me accountable to update this blog so it seems I’ve taken a couple days off.



It’s been rough this week. P is completely off schedule and, to put it nicely, is being a monster. As always, I’m going to blame it on growing pains and/or teething but it just seems like she’s mad at me. I feel like I keep missing these signs that she needs to go take a nap. Is she supposed to be tired all the time? Plus, she’s figured out how to destroy everything in sight. The diapers are definitely her favorite thing to throw around the room so they are picked up at least 3x a day.


My google search is getting a workout with all the new changes/situations that parenting has to offer on a daily basis. Seriously… someone stop me before my mind explodes. I know parenting is challenging but I think the internet might make it worse.

Recently Searched In Google #fail

How do I get my 10 month old to stop hitting

Is my baby growing

Why is my baby so tired

Teething How Long Does It Take

10 month old sucking on benadryl pill


On a very exciting note, I have been working with Palmer like CRAZY on her walking. We walk around the house hand-in-hand or I help her to her little walker and call her over to me. I’ve been encouraging her to be brave and stand on her own and try and walk towards me. We usually help her up and then let go of her hands. She stands there for a couple seconds (usually 3-10) and then slowly drops down to her butt. I am really trying to get her to start walking over to me. I would really like to see her take a step before she turns 11 months but that might be a little too soon.

TGIF tomorrow. The weekend could not come fast enough. πŸ™‚


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