game day!

IMG_5838We had such a fun weekend. Erin and I went on a DATE! By ourselves!!! WHAT????!!! Erin’s coworker has ASU season tickets and wasn’t able to go so she offered them to us. YES!

It was a pretty rough start. We assumed it was going to be a blow out since it was against Cal Poly but it wasn’t. At halftime, it was basically tied. Not good.

We were close to giving up when they came alive in the 4th. Thankfully, ASU pulled out a W in the end so we didn’t leave the stadium as sore losers.


Best part of the game, WE GOT ON THE KISS CAM! I’ve never been on the kiss cam before so it was pretty funny. It was on us twice… like for an awkward amount of time. I don’t know if they were expecting a big makeout sesh but that was not going to happy. We’re a classy couple.


Something else that was really fun… I saw kids (students) pulling out their phones and strobing their flashlights. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Within a couple of minutes, I felt like I was in the Taylor Swift concert. Lots of flashy lights everywhere.

Speaking of the kids, WTH is going on with children’s clothes. These girls had their BUTTS hanging out. There is a crazy amount of confidence going on around campus because girls (of all shapes and sizes) were wearing belly-baring shirts and the shortest shorts I’ve ever seen. I even saw a student in just a straight-up bra. Moral of the story: Palmer is wearing a muumuu forever.


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