Okay… so it’s officially setting in. Palmer turns one in just one more month. I just can’t. Stop. Life hasn’t changed much since last month. We’re still working on all the regular things… walking, talking, trying new foods.

She does have one official tooth. That’s super exciting. She always does these goofy little toothy grins and shows it off but I can never catch it on camera. And I just noticed the other day that her other front, bottom tooth is starting to cut through so we MAY have 2 little teeth by her birthday.

She’s also getting some hair! It’s not like super, super blonde but it’s light. The back and the sides are really starting to thicken up and it’s really cute. People still confuse her for a boy though (even when I dress her in pink and give her a pink wubba).

Even though the walking hasn’t really picked up, she does climb everywhere. She climbs on the fireplace and into her stroller. She also can get down from the bed and couch. It scares the crap out of me every time but she has it.

We’ve been really working with her on being gentle with other kids. I really want her to be able to play with other, younger babies. She smacks them though (like she pets Tyson) or pokes them in the face. Looking forward to all the littles getting to be more of her size so they can play like normal and I don’t have to helicopter parent.

Monthly Update:

Weight: 15 lbs, 8 oz (at home estimate)

Length:Β 26.5β€³ (at home estimate)

Diaper Size: 3 – We tried 4s because her little booty seems to always be sticking out of the 3s and they were okay but a little big. We actually just switched from Swaddlers to Pampers Cruisers and we are liking the fit a little more.

Clothing Size: Almost exclusively 6 months clothes. I like the look of some of her 3 mo leggings on her and she still wears 3 mo dresses

Nicknames: PP

Health: AWESOME. No issues this month. She loves to imitate and saw me coughing one day so now she jokingly coughs too. That’s been confusing to figure out if it’s a real cough or just her playing

Sleep: Still great at night. We usually do 3 naps a day (after 1st feeding, after 2nd feeding and around 3:30-4pm)

Diet: 3 solids and 5 BM feedings. New foods this month: tofu,blackberries, hot dogs, chicken, cauliflower, cinnamon roll, and lots of other foods that we are eating

Baby Gear Love: Vtech activity walker

Loves: Slapping us in the face, making silly sounds with her mouth, getting tossed up in the air,

Dislikes: The time between getting out of the bath and putting on pajamas, getting the boogies sucked out, laying down and staying still

Milestones: High fives, Low fives, lots of cruising, Random babbling

Parenting Fails: We have a big fireplace that is open to two sides of the house and Palmer LOVES it. She loves climbing onto it, slapping it and well, picking at it. We’ve had to keep a super careful eye on her because she’s been breaking pieces of grout off and putting it in her mouth. I feel like we watch her but dang she is so fast. I’ve caught her several times trying to chomp on some grout. As soon as she bites in, she starts to cry and then I have to dig everything out of her mouth.

Erin has been traveling a lot lately so we connect through FaceTime. This past week, P was really struggling with him being away and would only calm down when we called him. Now, any time I pick up the phone or call someone, she thinks we are FaceTiming Erin and she points to the phone and says DaDa. Erin feels like it’s a fail because she calls the phone Dada now.

Looking forward to: First Birthday Next Month!

Goals for next month: Walking


3 thoughts on “ELEVEN MONTHS

  1. playinghousewi says:

    Don’t you just love the slapping? So lovely. If it helps, we’re at 14 months now and it’s getting WAY better. She still does it, but way less often. And she pets us gently now, which is a welcomes change. It’s a little goofy, but I’ll take it. Also, her sweet face!! Can’t get enough.

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