1st birthday progress

This week was a big one… mainly because I’m finally making some progress on Palmer’s first birthday party. I was actually starting to scare myself because I hadn’t really done anything and the date has been creeping up on me. We are basically a month out so I need to get my act together. I have everything planned in my head, I just need to get these projects completed. I know I have plenty of time but I don’t need to procrastinate.

p invite_web

Anyway, I finally finished the design and sent out the invitation. We decided to just go with an evite since it’s a month away from the date and really, it costs practically nothing.

My favorite color combination of all time would be yellow, blue and pink . My wedding was a combo of those colors and now P’s party. It’s definitely completely opposite of my 50 shades of grey and blue-colored house. I guess I just like my home to be serene and my parties to be bright and festive. Erin would never let me put gold in our house so I’m trying to sneak it into P’s party with lots of gold glitter and champagne accents.



I also started to make some adorable little signs for the different stations. The pie eating contest will go on the dessert bar. The pig pen sign will go next to a little baby area I’m creating for the 6 tiny babies coming under 6-months-old! I’m going to make a couple signs for games and one big sign for outside welcoming everyone. I might do a couple more or just doing little bunting or something instead for the “prizes”/party favors and other special things around the party.


The last thing I’ve been working on are little slouchy dribble bandanas for all the kiddos. I might even create them for the older kids (a year and beyond) so they don’t feel left out. It’s my take on the party hat. I am doing boys and girls bandanas and I’m adding some little taggies (since p loves eating tags). I absolutely love the fabrics that I picked up at JoAnn’s. It’s like country without being too country.


Thank goodness I bought extra fabric because my sewing skills are a liiiiiitle weak but I’m getting better every day. I actually found this amazing blog through pinterest and you can actually download the pattern and easily make it yourself. Check out for yourself at Lurel’s Free Bandana Bib Pattern. I tried adding velcro to the one P is wearing but it was kind of a fail so I might switch it out for some snaps.

That’s it for now. I want to complete all the bandanas before we head out to San Diego for a little weekend trip so that puts a little fire under my tush. I’m sooooo excited to see it all come together.


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