fall is here

I feel like fall is the most basic season of the year. If I were to rank my favorite seasons it would be summer, spring, fall then winter (I freaking hate being cold). Fall to most people is about the beautiful changing of the seasons, multi-colored leaves scattering the streets, scarves and boots and pumpkin spice lattes. Anyways, I know that technically fall doesn’t start until tomorrow but I decided to get an early start on Sunday.

For me, it’s about baked goods, specifically pie.

Mmmm…. I love me some pie. Fall pies are my favorite. Pumpkin pie and pecan pie = heaven. I’m not even one of those crazies that is addicted to pumpkin everything… it’s just pie. That’s it.

On Sunday we stopped by Costco because we needed to buy actual food and I could smell it… pumpkin pie. Costco doesn’t mess around either. It’s definitely a COSTCO-sized pumpkin pie. I made a bee-line for the display and immediately threw in into the cart. Erin knows better than to get between me and my pie.

Since picking it up, that is all I’ve had to eat (well besides dinner). Pie for breakfast? Sure, why not!? Pie for lunch? Absolutely. Pie for dessert? Duh.

I was going to post a photo as I lie in bed eating the last piece of pumpkin pie directly from the pie tin but, well, that is embarrassing. So instead of completely humiliating myself with a pie shaming photo, I’ll leave something that sort of captures what is going on right now…



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