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I talk to Palmer a lot. I’m the crazy lady in the store pointing out everything, stopping to show her and repeat words so she “understands” and randomly babbling as strangers look on. They always think I’m either talking to myself or them… which gets awkward. “No, no… just talking to my baby”

Recently, P has been working a talking. It’s a lot of random nonsense to me but I know she’s working out different letters and sounds. She’s been saying mama, dada/daddy and some variation of hi for awhile now. Last month she started doing this thing where she says “go” but I thought it was just a fun sound for her to make. I think she really means go. She says it when she wants me to move or do something, or if she’s just over what she’s doing/bored. She says it the most to Tyson when he won’t play with her.

She’s also super into high pitched talking and sounds that involve sticking out her tongue. “loy, loy, loy” is a big one in our house right now. I have no idea what it means but she thinks it’s hilarious because she sticks out her tongue like a lizard when she does it.

I may have mentioned it before but basically Erin’s whole family knows sign language. His cousin is deaf and his mom worked at a school for the deaf for like 30 YEARS! Family gatherings/conversations are always signed. We always saw this as an amazing opportunity for Palmer to learn a second language early on.

more-postI can sometimes make out what is being said and know a couple signs so I’m trying to incorporate them into P’s daily routine. I started out with “more” a few of months ago. You basically like making two pincher claws and bringing them together. Like last month or so, we noticed she was kind of doing it but it was super random and not usually associated with food. Last week during lunchtime, everything changed… she did the sign super clearly and it was accompanied by a tiny little voice saying “mooor”. I was so excited I tried to pull up my phone and capture this special moment but it was gone. Now she’s like a “more” machine. If you say more, she’ll do the sign and say the word. Seriously… heart melting. She’s so adorable.

Now I’m trying to add in more signs into our daily schedule. Erin’s mom bought us the Gallaudet Children’s Dictionary of American Sign Language and it has more than 1,000 signs inside. I’m working on milk, please and hungry right now. I usually will google the word to make sure I’m signing it correctly because sometimes the photos are a little tough to understand.


My goal for the next month is to try and get her to say “love you daddy”. I really thought she said it this weekend but we need to work a little more on it. Ooh and thank you. I think it would be so cute if she could say thank you to her friends and family at her 1st birthday. We have a lot of work to do. 😉


One thought on “word search

  1. playinghousewi says:

    Charlotte was the same way with signing… One day it just clicked! “All done” and “water” have been really helpful signs for us! And “eat” or “food” and “more” of course. Love it!

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