task master | staying organized + focused

FullSizeRenderI get super distracted throughout the day when I’m at home… especially when I know there is a deadline. Because of that, I rely heavily on lists. Lists on lists on lists on lists. I love having things written down and crossing them off. Good ol’ fashioned pen and paper list. No fancy apps here. If I don’t have a written list, it’s pretty safe to say I won’t accomplish what ….

IMG_6191Case in point… I started working on this 6 hours ago!! I left off because… well… life. With diaper changes, feedings and struggling to put Palmer down for a nap, it’s easy to see how all the hours in the day just fly by.
And then there are days like today – monster days. I always blame her teeth but I think it’s really her teeth. I literally saw her run her gums across our brick fireplace for relief today. Poor baby. Without my handy list, my head would be sooo lost and I would forget where I left off… like finishing this blog or gathering the items I need to pack for our upcoming vacation.
So here I am now… finally finishing this post. The house is clean and almost all the items are ready to be packed into luggage. The baby is sort of napping. I’m completely wiped out. I’m looking forward to a little nap myself later on. Fingers crossed that she goes to sleep on time tonight 🙂


4 thoughts on “task master | staying organized + focused

  1. MIL says:

    I make the same kind of lists. I keep them on my phone but put them on paper for the day. I even have lists for what to take camping and lists to remember connecting trailer/setting up.

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