weekend roundup

IMG_6311Erin’s conference lasted until Saturday afternoon so we only really had a day and a half to enjoy San Diego as a family but we made the most of it. P and I spent the morning at my favorite place, Seaport Village, just hanging out under a shady tree and watching the boats pass by. It was so relaxing and fun.

IMG_6305We checked out of the hotel and spent our last night in La Jolla. I LOVE La Jolla. It’s so peaceful and relaxing. It’s a must-stop place in San Diego for me because I love going to the cove and seeing the harbor seals. They are so cute and fun. When we got there, we were incredibly disappointed. Apparently they are doing work on the seawall so we couldn’t actually get down to where the seals usually hang out. Worst part, there aren’t any seals.


The seals used to hang out in this area of the cove called the Children’s Pool. It was a quiet area and safe area where kids could easily play. Over the years, the harbor seals found it to be a good place to have their babies and hang out. The last couple times I’ve been there, I’ve noticed more and more people coming down into the children’s pool area and sometimes “invading” the seal’s space. It’s been a source of contention between the La Jolla residents and animal activists for years I guess and the residents won. The space is now pretty much being used how it was intended and the seals are gone. I saw a couple swimming in the water but there were a bunch of kids swimming out to them almost to shoo them away. I was super bummed but we wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous day so we made our way over to La Jolla Shores.

IMG_5539 IMG_3605The beach was GORGEOUS! It’s been 5 months since Palmer’s first encounter with the ocean and I was really looking forward to reintroducing the beach to her. We were super excited when she was actually having fun splashing away in the water; however, she preferred to be snuggled in our arms while we walked through the waves. We sat on the beach until it was becoming clear that we all needed a little something to eat.


my mom & me // me & palmer (30+ years later!)

I searched Yelp for a sports bar and it pointed us to this little restaurant: Shorehouse Kitchen. It definitely didn’t have the game on but it looked like a nice place so we decided to give it a try. It was AWESOME. Palmer snacked on some bread and it kept her entertained for the entire meal while Erin and I got to enjoy a somewhat romantic meal.

IMG_6323After our meal, we explored the beach some more hoping to wear Palmer out… it didn’t work. We headed back to the hotel and planned to check an item of my bucket list: ordering room service. Silly right? Whenever we are out at a hotel, we always go somewhere for dinner. We decided to get a late night dinner. I was seriously so excited. I ordered a steak sandwich and we finished watching the ASU game. We won! It was the perfect last night to our trip.

IMG_6327The next day was dreary. It was rainy… boo. We had planned to go to Mission Beach and didn’t let a little rain ruin our plans. Luckily it only sprinkled for a little bit and we had a fairly clear day as we strolled along the beach looking for a shell for Palmer. We found a little sand dollar in PERFECT condition. We were lucky to find it considering the amount of YUCK on the beach. Sea kelp everrrywhere. I kind of regret not just going to Coronado where I know the beach would have been pristine but Mission is special for us so that’s where we went.

IMG_3634Our final stop: the airport. OMG. Talk about world’s smallest airport. There were a ton of flights delayed so there were people everywhere and it was soooo crowded. Palmer was off schedule and desperate for a nap but would not fall asleep. It was awful. We got there a little early so we basically spent the entire time trying to calm her among the chaos and stress of the airport.

The flight was not much better. Minutes after boarding, she pooped… and it was a big one. So then we had a cranky, tired baby with a diaper full of hard poop and a completely full flight. Not ideal. The last 15 minutes of the flight, I nursed her and she fell asleep for the night. Looking back, I should have done it earlier but shoulda, coulda, woulda….

It felt so nice to sleep in my own bed. Like so nice. Plus, Phoenix decided to be nice to us upon our return and we’ve had gorgeous weather. Now time to focus my attention to Palmer’s birthday! Less than 20 days!!!!


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