weekend roundup +

I’ve been feeling a little MIA lately from the blog. After our San Diego trip, I’ve just been focused on P’s birthday. So this post is a weekend roundup is more like a weekish-end roundup.


So P’s birthday is less than TWO WEEKS away!! We were still kind of bouncing around ideas for food and it came to me… an Arizona state fair tradition… FRY BREAD! I was super excited. It’s like super easy to make, can be customized for each person and deep fried deliciousness. Last Wednesday we decided to try out the fry bread recipe I found and invited over our friends for dinner. We gave some to P for dinner and she signed off on it. Everyone loved it. We are going to make ground beef and shredded chicken along with the normal toppings (beans, lettuce, cheese, sour cream, onions, salsa). We did learn one important lesson: FRY OUTSIDE! Our house reeked of greasy oil the entire night. It was worth it though.

Another birthday update, I got in Palmer’s birthday outfit and I was so excited because it’s soooo cute! Unfortunately, I put it on Palmer and it’s WAAYYYY too big. She was in between sizes and the seller recommended I get the size up and she’s basically drowning in it. I had to basically place an emergency order for a different outfit. I know it will be cute but not as cute as the original outfit.


I got a special package in the mail from Influenster. I signed up awhile ago for their program and it’s essentially a community that allows you to share and review products with others. It’s actually pretty helpful and I’ve been able to look up other products on their app before purchasing! One other perk of being a member of the community is the VoxBox. They have different campaigns and if you are selected for one, you get access to cool, new products for free. Anyway, I got my first VoxBox this week! It is the new Braun No-Touch Thermometer. It’s seriously sooo cool! I’m a sucker for thermometers. No seriously… I have a ridiculous amount of them in the house and usually always have one in my purse because I always think I have a fever.

We were gifted an ear thermometer off our registry but I’ve always had a tough time with it because P didn’t like the piece going in her ear so we opted for the under the standard under the armpit method. The downside to that is that you can’t really check their temp at night when they are sleeping (especially with flu season coming up). Well this thermometer makes it simple. You point it just above the spot between your eyebrows and it registers in 2 seconds. Ridiculously simple. You don’t even need to touch their forehead. Bring it on flu season… we’re ready.


Saturday is college football day so there was a lot of that going on. ASU won! Utah is next week…. it’s a huge game and a must-win for us for fingers crossed that we keep up this momentum. Erin put down winter seed. He’s super excited for us to have gorgeous grass for P to hang out and play in. Thankfully we can set up our sprinklers to water the grass because if not, I’d be out there 3x a day making sure the lawn was taken care of! Saturday night we went to the Greek festival. It was super crowded and very hot but we did get some delicious food. We had fried cheese, gyros and greek fries. Mmmm. I also tried some loukoumades, which are little greek donuts with honey and cinnamon sugar. I like anything fried so they were good but I would just opt for no honey.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 7.36.42 PM

We wrapped up the week with a little boating fun. Our friends were going out to Bartlett Lake so we tagged along. Erin took P on the inter tube. Needless to say, I was a little nervous watching them but I knew Erin would make sure she was safe. Erin said she was a little fussy but started falling asleep. Palmer played with the other kids. My friend’s son is around 6-months-old and Palmer loves playing with him. She was just laughing and trying to eat his hand.



The night ended with the exciting welcome of Walking Dead Sundays. We have a little group viewing party that we do during Walking Dead season. Palmer was super sweet and cuddly and kept trying to give kisses to everyone (well besides me). She was so happy… like all night. It took awhile for her to wind down from all the lovies and actually get to sleep. It’s hard to make her go to bed when she’s being all sweet like that.



2 thoughts on “weekend roundup +

  1. Mary Mack says:

    Woww where did that year go to. Sounds like one special birthday party on the enjenta.
    Just went to Declan’s second birthday he is pretty cute also. ENJOY LOVE Aunt Mary

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